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Quang Hai & Vietnamese telecoms celebrities have opened a "big party" to second-place Thai football


Tuesday, February 12, 2019 21:47 (GMT + 7)

Quang Hai, Van Hau and VietNam Tel have had a cheerful and bloody match to defeat Thailand's second place.

Exceptional Ball in Vietnam Tel Star Match Bangkok United – Hanoi

Vietnamese soccer at the club level really returned in the heat of Vietnam Tel, and Hanoi FC did not disappoint fans when he beat Thailand's second place in Bangkok 2019 with a 1-0 score. on the Thai soil. Exceeding the second qualifying round of the AFC Champions League, Hanoi FC booked tickets for a play-off match that took place on February 19 to meet Shandong Luneng from the former MU Marouana Fellaini.

Quang Hai & Vietnamese Telecommunication Star Opens & # 34; great fun & # 34; in Thai second place - 1

Văn Hậu opened the door to Hanoi's brigade and the continuous bombardment with a long shot in the crossbar

The game attracted attention not only because Hanoi FC was the champion of the V-League 2018, but also due to the large number of national players who participated in the AFF Cup 2018 and the Asian Cup quarterfinals 2019. t from Vietnam Tel. And although they were on a hostile country, they played fire and were very pleased, although Van Quyet scored a goal in the 89th minute of 11m of the result brought by Oseni from the Hung Dung.

Football side, but the Hanoi Club with a good tactic coach Chu Dinh Nghiem pressed the pitch for about 1 hour. Quang Hai, Van Hau, Hung Dung, Duc Huy had "big guns" against Bangkok United, but the Filipino goalkeeper Falkesgaard repeatedly saved or lost the ball on the post. .

Van Quyet had a lot of transition situations in addition to the scoring phase, and he and Duy Manh twice took Oseni to escape to face the goalkeeper, but Oseni missed both short pitches. Van Quyet even took part in the defense and at least once prevented an opponent's dangerous direction towards Hanoi. Van Quyet's contributions to AFC are the best player for him.

Quang Hai, Van Hau has ever fought with the former SAO MU Fellaini in the Asian Cup C1?

The opportunity for Quang Hai and Van Hau to play Fellaini in Asian Cup C1 has come true.

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