One year old girl was interrupted by her adoptive girl in Saigon


For her child with anorexia, her mother in the District 9 rose with a logo to break her leg into a hospital for emergencies, with a victim's rating of 58% of the injuries.

The girl was interrupted by her adoptive girl. Photo: Que Bien.

The girl was interrupted by her adoptive girl. Photo: Que Bien.

On 13 April, the police of District 9 (Ho Chi Minh) said that Nguyen Thi My Lan (33 years) was prosecuted for childbearing acts. Because Lan raises children under 36 months, it should be released with a security deposit.

Through the investigation, in early 2018, Lan saw Nguyen Ba Duy and his wife (26 years old, Thanh Hoa's native) and Nguyen Thi Van (29 years old, Dak Nong Village) lead 3 children to rent a room on 44th Street, Phu Huu Ward, District 9. Considering that in difficult circumstances, Lan has spoken again and gave 1.8 million dong to pay rent. Approximately a month later, Mr.

Without a stable job, the life of Duy's wife was always difficult, so Lan advised to send his children to the pagodas or those who are worse. Mrs. Van said that if Lan would give it, she would not give it to anyone else, but her husband would not agree.

Lan saw that and said, "We want you to give me money, do not you?" then he gave 5 million VND Duyu and took a more mature girl. Mr Duy and his wife then drove two more children to unknown places.

When she reaps, she cries, so Lan is angry on a plastic bag, hits her in the back and head. On the night of March 7, 2018, when her niece refused to eat, Lan used a diary to beat her leg. Then she saw her broken leg, so she went to the hospital for children 2 for treatment.

Lan used her daughter's birth certificate to go to the hospital. During treatment, doctors suspected of being abused should report to the police.

By evaluating, the victim suffered a broken left thigh, more damage to the software. In addition, there are many old wounds on the hands, feet … with a total injury rate above 58%.

Functional forces have not yet identified the daughters of Duy's wife and her child, so they have to send the Center for Social Protection to take care of them.

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