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On Tet holidays, if you eat a chicken, do not eat these foods – 24 hours a day

Saturday, February 9, 2019, 19:00 (GMT + 7)

Cooked chicken is almost an indispensable thing on every tray Tet. However, for some foods, the combination of chicken is very harmful to health.

Chickens are fairly easy to find and easy to treat, the offer is suitable for all families. According to the old concept, the chicken has many good meanings. Of the 12 armors, chickens are a symbol of aggression and power. In the literature, the chickens should have five great virtues: Van, Vo, Dung, Nhan, Tin.

Not only that, according to astrological books, every day the first 8 days of the new year belong to the breed. Chicken is on the first day of the new year, so the offer can not be without chicken.

In terms of diet, chicken meat contains many healthy nutrients. In addition to albumin, fat, chicken also has vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron. This is high quality food, the human body is easily absorbed and digested.

Eating chicken helps reduce the risk of bowel cancer, prolong life, a good heart, fight depression, support teeth and bones, promote eye health, and many other benefits.

However, some combinations of chicken and side dishes are toxic. View and remove these habits:

Sticky rice, sticky rice

At Tet holidays, if you eat a chicken, you must not eat these foods - 1

Sticky rice, chicken sticky rice, is a "favorite" dish for many people. Not only in this family is this dish, but many stores are chicken very expensive. However, experts, chicken meat, served with sticky rice, will easily create an octopus that is the same (tapeworm). So, those who have the habit of eating sticky rice with chicken should now give up if they do not want their body to be used for nesting when they eat too much.

Sesame salt and marjoram

On Tet holidays, if you eat a chicken, you should not eat these foods - 2

Chicken meat is in the brain style. And the sesame ice cream works by feeding, nourishing the blood zone, and the menstrual flavor of warm temperament degrades gas (prevents wind convergence) to lower blood stasis. So if they combine together, it will affect birth and dizziness, tinnitus or tremor throughout the body and the itching of the brain.

Shrimp and carp

On Tet holidays, if you eat a chicken, you should not eat these foods - 3

The combination of shrimps, carp and chicken at the same meal will unintentionally eat at the same time, so the body is more likely to develop pimples or suffer from cancer (with the growth of intestinal cancer). Because all three foods are moderate, they will in turn cause seizures – itching after all.

Chicken and loaf of leaves

On Tet holidays, if you eat a chicken, do not eat these foods - 4

Green salad has a very good effect on strengthening muscles and eyesight. However, the effects of eating men cause men to lose their sexual desire. In combination with chicken they create substances that are harmful to the digestive system.

People should not eat big chicken

People with cirrhosis

People with cirrhosis should avoid certain foods that are more likely to be sick, usually chickens.

Since this is hot food, it will help lower the temperature, the liver will be less severe, the condition will be poor.

On Tet holidays, if you eat a chicken, you should not eat these foods - 5

People with arthritis

Osteoarthritis is an increasingly common disease. The main treatment still uses anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, diet and physical exercise contribute to a more effective promotion of treatment.

People with kidney stones

When you have kidney stones, you must avoid or refrain from this delicious meat. Because this is a very rich protein, it will increase the amount of oxalate in the urine and form the stones.

Keep it

According to folklore, some special food, the favorite many people, but if they eat in the early days …

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