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The return of two of the most important stocks on the market are oil and gas, and the banks created a great surprise this morning. Without the VHM, the market is still hot.

It is also not too difficult to understand oil supplies because oil prices are recovering. GAS increased by 3.21%, PLX increased by 2%, PVD increased by 3.19%, PVS increased by 3.8% after strong weeks. GAS has become the strongest VN-index with the capitalization of 5550 billion dong, equal to 0.2%.

Bank shares are a great surprise. Today, this group has increased significantly. The most impressive was the HDB jump to the ceiling, which is 6.96%. With the large purchase of foreign investors with more than 1.53 million shares and the entry of internal shareholders, it is a driving force for the HDB price. On the other hand, it should be noted that HDB has decreased by about 29% since the beginning of October, and the demand for bottom fishing has also increased.

The remaining bank stocks rose markedly: BID rose by 3.55%, MBB increased by 3.18%, CTG increased by 2.12%, VPB increased by 4.74%, TCB increased by 3.37% 0.83%, TPB 1.17%. Unfortunately, the VCB does not increase.

However, the VN index can only be upset by an increase of 0.28% or 2.48 points. Usually, if bank codes exceed 2%, the index must increase by more than 10 points. Today, almost the oil, gas and banks pull the result, the other pillars are not strong.

VNM, VCB, VJC refer only to. VIC decreased by 0.76%, while VRE decreased by 0.82%, while VHM decreased by 5.17%. This stock is the second largest VIC market. No surprise, VHM has evaporated to more than 13,000 billion. If you add the VIC again, this pair will clean the profits of four leading codes, such as GAS, BID, TCB and VPB, even more than a trillion.

So, the intergovernmental group had the role of limiting the index heat this morning. This is a technical effect, as the width of the HSX is still very good, with 149 winners / 98 losing. However, the decline in other stocks was not too strong, with more than 90 shares rising above 1%.

HNX is naturally better than HSX because oil and gas are almost two decisive groups. ACB increased by 2.91%, SHB increased by 2.78%, PVS increased by 3.8%, VCG increased by 5.81%, VGC increased by 1.3% VCS increased by 0.82%. The HNX30 index grew by 1.84%, with 19 shares increasing / decreasing by 5 shares. The HNX index gained 1.63%, increasing 67 shares / 53 codes.

The return of bank stocks and oil and gas companies prompted a new hope at the end of the week. Previous sessions, many shares were reduced, so the index did not increase, which resulted in the delay of the remaining stocks. Although the index is very weak today, these two leading markets have been heavily traded.

Banking stocks did not increase impressive liquidity equivalent to price increases. MBB was the largest group with more than 82 billion VNDs. VPB, HDB and ACB were among the top ten most liquid stocks on the market. The most surprising was HNG, which traded 8.9 million shares worth 148.2 billion VND. The HNG is quite strong, the price is lower than 1.51%.

Foreigners were net sellers in the good pace of the market. At HSX this block sold 241.9 billion, bought in 167.5 billion euros. VN30 was sold on VND97.9bn, bought on VND56.1bn. HNX's trade balance is about 3 billion. Two banks buy HDB and BID. There are also SBT, GMD, PVD. The net sales of additional PJT for the sale of 1.94 million shares were agreed, in addition to known codes such as HPG, STB, VCB, DXG, VRE, VHM.


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