Not yet "in motion," the rapist escaped without a lid


Sunday, March 24, 2019 18:37 (GMT + 7)

After trying to "act" Phuc had to run in the state of an unprotected body, but he failed.

On March 23, news reports from the Long Xuyen Police Office in An Giang Province said that it had just issued a lawsuit to prosecute the case, prosecuted the defendant and detained Nguyen Van Phuc (SN 1995; Dong Xuyen, Long Xuyen City) to continue the investigation I would explain the behavior of "rape".

Not in time - peanuts that were raped without a lid - 1

This rapist had to escape in the state of the uncovered body in the night. Photo: K.Van

According to the original investigation, around 7:30 PM on March 20, Phuc went to the inn in the Dong Xuyen Department to find that N.T.A (SN 1991) slept, but he forgot to lock the door. Since he was not able to control his desire, Phuc opened the door and used his own knife to control A. to carry out the acts of rape. With a quick mind who took advantage of Phuc's opening, A. Grabbed a knife in the hands of this pervert and praised many people for help. Because he knew that he could not "act" as his original purpose and feared the encirclement, Phuc immediately escaped into the state of the discovered body.

The painful mother saw that her 14-year-old daughter was injured

When no one is home, Thiu gets into the house yard to drive the child N. inside and perform a bad behavior.


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