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New Year, learn to think about money, like billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong, to avoid an average and more successful career

Not long ago in a New Year interview in the Tuoi Tre newspaper, when asked about money, President Nam Vuong said: "As my tool and means of work. I have to borrow money when I go out and I have to borrow some money when I go out. "This is the first time that the richest billionaire in Vietnam shared a lot of personal views from money to children's education.

Money is a means of work

Mr Pham Nhat Vuong looks at money as a means of working quite similar to other billionaires in the world.

For example, the founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson once said: "My motto is that if I have money, I will invest in new projects and I will not keep money around me". This is the basic principle of every company: money must produce money.

The business is money as a business blood. For this reason, every process from the design, production and marketing of the product is uniform, and it also increases the efficiency of the management. For businesses that have no money for the idea, it is difficult to realize.

In 2018, Vingroup's net revenue reached 122.5 trillion dong, with a tax profit of 6 trillion dong. In 2019 the group wants to switch to technology and industry. However, billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong also said:

"After all, Vingroup had to have a lot of money to carry out such a large series of projects. I also had to borrow and get a domain to fight. But the projects are very convincing, so they can borrow and always borrow up to 50-70 trillion, not a bit.

He said it was to show the importance of this medium. It is also a means to help businesses raise capital to carry out other major projects of this group. At the beginning of 2018, Mr Vuong first shared the first time when the brothers and friends had to borrow money and even borrow high interest rates. After a more favorable borrowing, this group can mobilize capital at home and abroad. Many other major international banks' loan agreements are allowed to borrow unsecured loans (without collateral).

New Year, learn to think about money, like billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong, to avoid the average, more successful career - Photo 1.

Staffing plays a very important role in organizing and operating smoothly. Research dr. Edwina Locke from the business school R.H. Smith from the University of Maryland showed that there are four methods to promote employee performance: money, goals, the degree of participation in decision-making, and the transformation of work to provide a large number of employees. more demanding and responsible. He found that the average improvement in performance from the money was 30%, compared with a 16% increase in performance in setting goals or 17% since the renovation of jobs.

In addition, Locke reviewed a number of motivational studies and found that money was used as a motivation method. Money always leads to improving the performance of employees. Money is also a means by which employees can satisfy their needs and desires. Employees can also use salaries to compare their values ​​with others. That is why the money for corporate leaders is a means to wake up the human resources in the system, thus achieving the set goals of the company.

But money is a tool, not a goal

"If our motivation is money, we have been selling it for a long time now and we are now resting on beaches", Larry Page – co-founder and director of Alphabet Inc. (parent company Google) made such claims about money.

With billionaires Pham Nhat Vuong, he never considered money as a target because "he did not have much demand. 2018 with a youth newspaper). The goal of this billionaire is referred to as "beauty for life".

"Beautiful house, beautiful buildings are objects, spiritual and health values ​​are intangible. To work with the famous, respected, highly valued Vietnamese brand in the world is that. Is a spiritual value for our people, not only for Vingroup," said Vuong.

Super-successful people in their lifetime spend their time with an emphasis on creating and building values, not money. They find ways to enrich other people and live in order to improve many people with the privilege of doing business with them. They are eliminated from the equation and exist for others in different ways. The paradox is that they are the most successful and wealthy.

New Year's Day, learn how to think about money, like the billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong, to avoid an unimportant, more successful career - photo 2.

Of course, making money is very important, but this is not a fundamental motivation if a person strives for real success. Enterprise companies focus on profits; Successful companies focus on higher goals – they create excellent results for their customers and change their lives.

Money to buy is to some extent free. The best thing a man can do to help the poor in the world is to make sure that he is not one of them. They earn a mountain of money, even if they do not really know how much money they have, it's no longer a problem. They can have anything they want whenever they want. But for them, money is just a means of capturing the indicator.

The whole money is only a symbol of exchange of value. For successful people it is only valuable if I share my value. It is only valuable to them if I share my value. For me, this is just a benchmark, nothing more, nothing bad. Money is very important, but this is not their main motivation. Money is not what is taken from the bed early, but not what motivates them for innovation and is the best person in the world in everything I do.

"You are not here to survive. You are here to make the world more perfect, with a wider vision. You are here to enrich the world and you will be poor if you forget this purpose, "said former US President Thomas Woodrow Wilson.

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