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My Anh and Tlinh are beautiful in the teaser song “Thank You” on Dieu Ky Vietnam’s album

Recently, a behind-the-scenes shot of photos taken between My Anh and Tlinh was released, allowing fans to have a loud conversation. As two typical young artists, GenZ, My Anh and Tlinh confidently affirm their impressive courage, extremely civilized musical thinking, and bold personal image.

Recently, audience monitoring with both girls has increased. One girl was a talented “female warrior” from Suboi’s team Vietnamese rap, The other girl is the daughter of diva My Linh with an impressive musical gout. In real life, they are close friends, so when they see two girls appearing in the same frame, the audience can’t help but wonder: what are the two artists “planning”?

Tlinh and My Anh in the background of photography

As can be seen, Tlinh and My Anh are two completely opposite personalities, but when they stand side by side, they help each other sublimate. Tlinh’s “personality” and “cool” have faded, his eyes are always sharp and his body of an extremely flexible, modern style. Mỹ Anh, on the other hand, has a somewhat sad eye, a dreamy and gentle relationship, a more “retro” look, a “muse”. Many internet users joked that Tlinh and My Anh are no different … bride and groom!

However, when they stand next to each other in the product, it doesn’t matter that the girls can “dance” with all their might and make fun of each photo. All in all, it seemed like an impromptu walk by Tlinha and My Anh on set, making the frame more realistic.

In real life, how they are extremely close friends, they fully express their emotions in the frame. Some segments “love is broken” to such an extent that the word “sister and sister” always becomes bride and groom bad.

In addition, the strange pulse of the clip also attracted attention. It is known that the pulse of the song is created by the producer Wokeupat4am (Kyle Nguyen) – the talented name of Underground. Kyle Nguyen is a music producer and sampler in Vietnam and has collaborated with young artists such as RPT MCK, Tlinh, My Anh, Wxrdie … His outstanding products are Harder, Versions (Wxrdie), Why not (America – England), No bending (Wxrdie & RPT MCC).

Tlinh - America You are the sisters and brothers of a sudden bride and groom behind the scenes of photography, beautiful young and talented looks are so charming!  - Photo 4.

Also last night (January 12), the organizing committee of the WeChoice Awards 2020 released a poster featuring a combination of My Anh and Tlinh in the song Thank you. Although they are so close, but thank you This is the first music product My Anh has collaborated with Tlinh, making the audience more curious.

Connect both events together, The audience can see that the said clip is behind the scenes of MV thank you America Anh and Tlinh. The “chill” beat we heard is the music behind the song thank you manufacturer Wokeupat4am.

Tlinh - America You are the sisters and brothers of a sudden bride and groom behind the scenes of photography, beautiful young and talented looks are so charming!  Figure 6.

thank you is the third track from the album Miracle Vietnam, Thematic studio album WeChoice Awards 2020. Song cThis is a gratitude to the team of doctors on the front line against the Covid-19 epidemic. 2020 is a year with too many changes as the entire world faces the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on humans.

Through the efforts of a team of doctors and physicians, Vietnam has become one of the leading countries in the field of epidemic prevention and is known and praised by international friends. A song thank you will be gentle, meaningful and full of gratitude in the album The magic of Vietnam will be released at 8pm on January 13 on the WeChoice Awards YouTube channel.

My Anh and Tlinh are bright names at the WeChoice Awards in the Rising GenZ category, for these two super talented girls you can vote here. here. In addition, Tlinh received another nomination in the promising category Rap / Hip-hop Faces,, You can now vote for this girl here.

Awards WeChoice – an annual award organized by the joint-stock company VCCorp with the desire to honor people, tell the most inspiring stories, events, products and works that positively impact the community. dong – returned with a new message: Dieu Ky Vietnam.

The miracle of Vietnam in 2020 comes not only from the number of economic growth, size or power. The miracle comes from every person in a small country, from leaders to ordinary people, from doctors to police officers, from fathers and mothers. , Sin.

Join us and honor and vote for the stories and characters you find worthy at the WeChoice Awards 2020. The voting period is from 13 January 2021 to 23:59 on 21 January 2021.

Access wechoice.vn to spread inspiration today.

Tlinh - America You are the sisters and brothers of the bride and groom suddenly behind the scenes of photography, beautiful young and talented looks are so charming!  Figure 8.

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