Motorcycles without a drive, such as plows that run along the street


Saturday, April 13, 2019, 15:00 (GMT + 7)

An irrepressible, versatile motorcycle has just run and sound like a plug or a farmer running on the road.

Unmanned video plays as a plug.

Designing a bike without wheels is probably nothing new compared to a two-wheeler village in the world. However, this type of car has recently been known to many carmakers in Vietnam, especially when Phuc XO announced it will buy a motorcycle with super-insensitivity than in the Tron Legacy.

Video: Explosion-proof monocycle as a tractor that runs down the street - 1

Not only that Duc Cao Phin also led a car with a non-axial design of street tools, which was enjoyed by many. Unlike real production, in this video, one player balances his car in an inconvenient style.

Front wheel with wide diameter, front high gear, without head and shaft. While the last wheel is tilted. The car was tested on the street with motor blocks that screamed like a plug.

How much is XO Phuc ranked in the village of two-wheelers in Vietnam?

South has Phuc XO, Bac has Duc Cao Phoi and some blood players on the other hand have created echoes in the village …


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