M.U. welcomed reinforcements back to Barcelona


The Old Trafforda team has just received unhappy news about the situation before the Barca return to the Nou Camp on April 17.

M.U. welcomed reinforcements back to Barcelona

After defeating 0-1 in the first match at Old Trafford, M.U. will return to Barca in Nou Camp on November 17th. Prior to this match, Reds got good news from Alexis Sanchez's medical department on the injury. Accordingly, the Chilean striker has recovered from injury and can play in the quarterfinals that come here.

The MU welcomed the reinforcements against the replay of the Barcelona image
Sanchez can play for M.U in a match with Barca here

In the Southampton victory in early March, Alexis Sanchez was sad because he had a knee injury on the knee and he had to sit for more than a month. However, according to the latest information from the medical department of Man Utd, the Chilean star has recovered completely from the injuries and may be mid-next week.

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said that his pupil could be at the big game at Nou Camp: "Sanchez was practicing with the whole team. I do not know if Sanchez can come tomorrow [gặp West Ham] or not

He is no longer injured, but he did not reach 100% of the ability for tomorrow, but he is likely to be able to play for Barcelona. "

Sanchez, despite having not had good results this season, is still a player who has the ability to create high mutations in Man Utd. Some knowledge with former colleagues in Barca could also help the Reds in the upcoming replay.

In addition to Sanchez, the Norwegian coach has also provided the Man Utd situation: "On Wednesday we have Lingard and Martial, a regular strike on the bench. There will be some changes, wait and see.

Herrera is still outside and Matic is not sure if he can be in court because he is still ill. But because he is a warrior, he may want to go out and support his teammates.

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