Ky Kim Cuong encourages Le Binh to treat cancer after new therapy


Ky Kim Cuong encourages artist Le Binha to treat cancer after new therapies - photo 1.

The artist Kim Cuong visited the artist Le Binh

In the last days, artist Le Binh said that many colleagues visited him. From the magazine Lao Dong Online Le Binh's lung cancer information was metastasized by medullary, which was paralyzed with two legs in a wheelchair – artists visited and surrendered money that was mobilized from donations by many people to help with treatment.

On April 13, morning is also the first day when Le Binh enters the drug after a new therapy selected by the Center for Pediatric Oncologists – Military Hospital 175 for treatment. "Every drug worth more than 60 million VND. I received the help of many colleagues of artists, many viewers for me. Today I was visited by Kim Cuong, I was very touched" – cried the cry.

Ky Kim Cuong encourages Le Binh to treat cancer after new therapies - photo 2.

Artist Trung Dan and Nhat Cuong visited the artist Le Binh

Human artist Kim Cuong stated that Mr Le Binh had problems with funding for the treatment of this new therapy, each nose was more than 60 million dong, but had to inject 6 shots. That's why fellow artists supported Le Binh and called for movement to help him.

"I visited him to share some artists. In the last five years, I worked on the" Three Three-Artist "program, and each year someone offered me his name on the list, but he refused, continued to speak. poorer artists, that it is still in good health and can still work.

Ky Kim Cuong encourages Le Binh to treat cancer after new therapies - Figure 3.

The award-winning artist My Uyen and the actors of the theater and the opera house of Ho Chi Minh visit the artist Le Binh

Le Binh's artist presented her 5 million VNDs and expected her to have the spirit and energy to complete the memories of her life. "It should be very difficult for others to write, Le Binh, but if I sit and write, I have to be a writer when Le Binh recites her memories of her life," she said.

Le Binh's guest artist also directed Nguyen Minh Chung, who has set up hundreds of Vietnamese fairy-tale films that Le Binh is the most engaged artist. "I hope you overcome these problems when treating a new method, it can help you overcome the pain of the body," said director Nguyen Minh Chung.

Ky Kim Cuong encourages Le Binh to treat cancer after new therapies - Figure 4.

The award-winning artist Huu Chau visited and handed money to the comedian Bao Quoc to the artist Le Binhu

"The most loving thing was yesterday afternoon when two blind, visually impaired children came to visit me, so they touched you. Only you knew me through radio programs, but you did not know, but you bought gifts for a visit. always trying to get it … This grace is hard to forget. Thank you two, "said NS Le Binh.

People's artist Kim Cuong choked: "We look forward to the high feelings of colleagues and the audience, Le Binh will help overcome this difficult period."

Ky Kim Cuong encourages Le Binha to treat cancer after new therapies - Figure 5.

Merit artist Trinh Kim Chi and director Le Bao Trung visited artist Le Binh

Mai Son Lam wrote on his personal page: "That uncle Le Binh saw me walking with a small engine with my eyes, said with a small voice:" You are a player who should be a little decent. I do not have much, but the year also saved me a little, so I do not know what to do. Get a new car that suits your look. I see that you have quality, you have to prepare the future. If you want to study the director, you will take care of this. As long as it's successful, consider paying later. "… …

I'm bad, the position of Uncle Le Binh is not much better, even my life is more sad than me, so I lived so honestly. It's just a carefree person, but … I always teach, just thinking to each other and helping each other at the right time, it's fun. "


Film player Viet Trinh visited the artist Le Binh

Recently comedian Trung Dan and comedian Nhat Cuong came to the interview, visited and gave the artist Le Binhu VND 50 million to cover the cost of hospital treatment. The meritorious Huu Chau transferred the money of the comic family Bao Quoc to the artist Le Binha. It was also visited by singer Bich Thuy – the daughter of musician Bac Son – and actors and singers of the musical performance Bac Son.


MC Dai Nghia and artist Le Binh

Lessons and photos: Thanh Hiep


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