Khac Viet's special breast massage for Khanh Viet breast at 102 cm


Monday, November 19, 2012 11:34 (GMT + 7)

Khac Viet – DJ Thao Bebe currently has a hot measuring number 102-62-91.

Special massage for the municipality of Khac Viet, height of the breast 102 cm - 1

Male singer Khac Viet has a sexy body with an impressive picture 102-62-91

Thao Baba (real name Nguyen Thanh Thao) is a wonderful woman singer Khac Viet. Not only a popular DJ, but also her famous hot body as people. Recently, Thao Bebe shares, the current three laps measured at 102-62-91, significantly changed from last year's 96-60-90 (cm).

The first step in the first round of Thao Bebe is full of regular massage. He uses his hand without oil for massage in circles every day. In addition, female DJs prefer to store more food to increase the size of the first round, such as soy, grapes, milk, eggs and beans. But Thao Bebe, with the measurement of the first lap more than 1 meter, encountered difficulties in choosing the right clothes.

A special massage for Khac Viet in the chest is 102cm - 2

Thao Baba regularly practices yoga for a dream

In addition to having a perfect body, Thao Bebe decided to make a yoga right after graduation, until now there were 6 years. Due to her early education, she did not have much training problems. Every week Thao Baba conducted two sessions of 90 minutes per session, except for days. If you have an unusual weight gain, you usually reduce the intake of fat and increase your routine in the yoga, along with digging.

When he talked about the meaning of yoga, Thao Bebe shared: "It's not just health for me, but also an integral part of life." From a sport that enhances health and fitness, yoga has become a passion and joy for every person. my day. "

The things that yoga Thao Bebe found hardest are: Walking sand. In her opinion, it is necessary to ensure balance, mental concentration, combination of muscular strength and flexibility of the spine in order to achieve this posture. Her favorite action is a tilting stance.

Special massage for Khac Viet, Khanh Viet, chest height 102cm - 3

When the new Yoga exercise, Thao Bebe has a teacher, but now he can do it himself

In terms of nutrition for more effective exercise, Thande Baba uses a scientific diet to maintain weight, each meal includes: 30% of food sources contain starch, 30% of fruit and vegetables for the supply of Vitamin C, 20% of meat, fish and eggs to provide protein, 15% from dairy products, 5% from fat sources from sugar confectionery. After 19:00 she did not eat anything.

Thanks to these methods, Thao Bebe maintains a weight of 49.5 kg and a sexy curve.

Special massage for Khac Viet in chest from 102cm to 4cm

Special massage for Khac Viet in chest from 102cm to 6cm

Thao Babe reveals his fiery body while wearing swimwear

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