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Wednesday, July 11, 2013 21:12 (GMT + 7)

At the police station, the suspect brutally murdered his wife at the foot of the mountain in Gia Lai province, claiming to have killed the wrong person.

For example, a woman brutally murdered at the foot of the mountain

Ksor Lun is an object

Public security police Gia Lai issued a decision to prosecute the accused, Ksor Luon (50, a resident of Mlach, a municipality of Phu Can, Krong Pa District, Gia Lai province).

Ksor Lun is the killer of Nay H & # 39; Nha (a local resident).

Earlier on the afternoon of October 15, his wife Nay H & # 39; Nha sees her grass back as usual, so Ksor Tinh and relatives in the Mount Mo (Phu Can) area are found. When it came to people, H & # 39; Nha died at the foot of the mountain with numerous injuries in the head.

Immediately after the murder, the Krong Pa Police Department, in cooperation with the professional police departments of the province, presented a test on the ground and witnessed the stories.

With professional measures, the police found that the suspects caused the death of her sister. Her H & # 39; Nha is subject to Ksor Lun.

Ksor Lul initially did not confirm his behavior on the investigative body. However, with sharp evidence by the police, Ksor Lun acknowledged the act of killing Nay H & # 39; Nha.

The predicate of Ksor is contrary to Ksor H & # 39; Lâmom (the wife of the victim) about the Ksor lun cows entering the Ksor H & # 39; Lâm field, which hurts crops. Xer Lin later accepted the intention of revenge.

On the morning of October 15, when she saw Nay H & # 39; Nha, who at the foot of the mountain cracked grass, thought that Ksor H & # 39; Lâm (Mask Maska Nay H & # 39; Nha, as Ksor H & 39; Lâm) used Ksor Lu. The logs repeatedly hit their heads, causing the victims to fall. More toxic, when the face mask of H & # 39; Nha, who knew the wrong person, but the hidden sin, fell Luong, killed the victim to death.

He recalled the moment of the fight against the tired former teacher

G. Đ. When he heard a cry for help to a retired woman, the teacher ran, hit by a brick alien.


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