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It supports 500 million VND and night calls from foreigners

“He’s a good kid, a good student …”

The story of a father who carried an oxygen tank in the city at night to save his son. The Ho Chi Minh City directive on curfew still receives a lot of public attention. On the night of July 26, the telephone rang, the ting ting announcing the money pouring into Mr. Le Dinh Van’s account kept ringing. Never before has Mr. Van received so much love and sharing from unknown strangers.

Mr. Din Din Van, in the story above, when he remembered that day, still told us emotionally: “At 12 o’clock at night, many more people called on demand, and the next day they even went down to the house. In the morning (July 28), The family also got fans “.

As of July 27, Van revealed that he had received about $ 500 million from the community. His son’s health is still pretty tired and he’s still on the fan. Sharing the situation, he confided that the couple has two children. The eldest son is 15 years old and the second son is currently in 2nd grade.

The day he learned that his eldest son had hepatoblastoma, he and his wife went numb. Because the boy was completely healthy before, he showed no signs of illness or fatigue.

“My family discovered my disease on April 22 last year, 1 year and a half has passed so far. I have a tumor in my liver. After the operation, the result was a melanoma biopsy. In general, even children with familial illnesses are sad and depressed because it is an incurable disease. ” Said Van.

Suppressing the pain within himself he found all sorts of ways to cope. With a sick mindset, he had to “go to the four corners,” listen to who told him where the cure was, look for all sorts of teachers, all the remedies, to hope his son would recover. His eldest son is very obedient and eager to learn. He has constantly won the title of excellent student for the last 8 years, but now he has to keep it due to illness.

“From the day I entered the hospital, I still carried homework to the hospital to study it, and the knowledge in class was asked by friends to transcribe it into my notebook. After chemotherapy, I went home to rest and then continued my studies. .“, said Van.

Example of a father buying an oxygen tank to save his son: supported by 500 million VND and overnight calls from strangers - photo 1.

Mr. Le Dinh Van went to buy an oxygen tank on the night of July 26 to save his son. A moment that made the public very emotional (Photo: Mladi)

Please help the difficult situation

Van said the couple are currently not working from home due to the epidemic. Prior to that, he worked as a camera fitter and his wife as a kindergarten teacher. From the day she found out her son was sick, she took a break from home to take care of him. The upbringing of two children has been difficult, now burdened with the additional costs of treatment, the family has a difficult economy.

“The cost of treatment is high, the family can not remember exactly how much, because the disease must be treated for a long time. Each chemotherapy is about 10, 20 million … then there is money for drugs.“, said Van.

So hard, but with the child in mind, he and his wife have more faith to try. From the day he knew his brother was ill, he had always been at his bedside and talked to him every day. Van is also happy because his son is good and understanding.

“The previous two brothers were healthy and were often invited to play football. Because she knew he was sick, it was very sad.” Said Van.

Then he added, the last time the doctor said the boy’s tumor had metastasized to his left liver and bladder, but due to ill health he was no longer able to have surgery and also chemotherapy. Now he and his wife run after their children according to traditional methods and secretly hope that a miracle will happen.

Speaking about the division of the community, Mr Van said he was very moved, grateful and urged to stop receiving help because of the much more difficult circumstances than his family.

“Now the family can barely afford to pay for it every month. Thank you, but we will stop accepting help because of the more difficult circumstances.”

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