Thursday , August 5 2021

Indeed, the arrest of the perpetrator who killed the hens was delivered to Dien Bien | Working on the web LAODONG.VN

Regional Director Dien Bien said that the information that captured the killer killed the woman C.M.D is not accurate. Functional forces are still actively investigating the incident.

With regard to many social networks in the Dien Bien province, the information was captured by suspects who are killing a CMD female student tomorrow 10.2. The police are still actively investigating the incident of women who were murdered in Dien Bien in the afternoon after 30 Tet.

"Currently the investigative agencies are still working, information on the arrest of perpetrators that some social websites were wrong, are not accurate. When we publish official information," informed Major General Sung Hong. .

Regarding the family of the victim, 3 days after the discovery of her daughter's body, Mrs Hien T (mother M.D.) was still in pain before her daughter's death.

The painful mother said that D is a graduate student at the Department of Environmental Management, University of Agriculture and Forestry, Thai Nguyen, about 6 months. On holiday Tet I came home to sell mothers and chickens to the market.

Prior to this, around 10 am on the 7th day of the 3rd month (the third day of the lunar new year), women were found at the swine house of the 11 team, Thanh Nưa municipality, Dien Bien district of Dien Bien province.

The victim was quickly recognized as a student of C.M.D (SN 1997, residing in the municipality of Thanh Hung, Dien Bien district). This is a student whose family reported a mysterious disappearance of the 30-year Lunar New Year in the process of delivering chickens.

The body was found in a lying, half-naked state, the helmet was turned down and showed signs of sexual abuse.

It is known that afternoon afternoon 4.2 (afternoon 30 Tet), this girl and her mother went to sell chickens on the Muong Thanh market (the city of Dien Bien Phu) when a man came to buy chickens in large quantities.

The man asked Duyen's phone number and contacted him at 2 pm to buy 10 chickens and asked him to move to the city of Dien Bien Phu.

Around 18.30 students directly transfer chickens to the desired location. However, after more than two hours of delivery, the family did not contact the girls because of phone calls, since they suspected something was wrong and reported to the police.

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