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Hot Reception Reception Reception Events – DVO


In the afternoon of July 22, Hanoi police police said the Dong Da Coordination Unit of the Dong Da District explained the distribution of "hot" images of the spa-receptionist.

The victim appeared Mrs. L.P.P. (temporarily residing in the district of Dong Da, Hanoi) accompanied his relatives to the Criminal Police Bureau to report.

"Recognizing that Mrs. P. lived in the Dong Da district, she was accepted by the unit with the police of that district," said the Criminal Police Officer.

Nu le tan would begin to record the curse
Reception and boy in conversation

Today, the video captures the relationship between men and women that does not appear on a staircase of a building that spreads on social networks.

From the address of the women's uniform, the netizen found the girl's name and post.

Soon after, personal information and photographs of Mrs. P. appeared on websites that were collected and shared by many people.

Another remarkable thing, the male protagonist in the recording of a lot of rumors, and said that the husband of the owner of the spa store, where Mrs P. worked.

In front of the incident on July 21, the woman owns the H.N. spa store. (where Mrs P. works) she stated that the male character in the recording is not her husband.

The owner of this spa salon said that the netizens gave her husband an image and then affixed her to P., which affected her family and her business.

The owner of the spa-salon added that after the event, the male character in the footage (who was supposed to be her husband's future husband – PV) confirmed that this was a clip that I recorded and kept. as a memory.

Unfortunately, due to the negligence of the two people who shot the videos outside, they were abused by the bad guys, which were expanded with many institutional words and images of offensive honor.

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