HAGL 3-2 Than.QN: Van Toan has done a hedge, the gentleman was happy


HAGL 3-2 Than.QN: Van Toan has done a hedge, the gentleman was happy


HAGL: Van Toan (23 ', 67'), Viet Hung (27 ')

Than.QN: Hermann (69 & # 39;), Dyachenko (71 & # 39;)

Three consecutive losses of the mountain town caused the Pleiku stand at the reception of the Quang Ninh coal. Actually, we're almost not seeing any more Nui Street waves coming up at the weekend stadium than four years ago, the days when Tuan Anh, Cong Phuong and Xuan Truong first appeared. First in V.League in the 2015 season.

After successive losses, the owner of the HAGL was very thirsty, and the students of the coach, Duong Minh Ninha, tried to speed up the game in order to press Tuan Linha goalkeeper goal.

But the old and the brave, Than Quang Ninh is the one who holds the game and makes the Mountain City crafts very hard work in the first 15 minutes of the match. Nevertheless, they still do not have really dangerous opportunities that could hinder Sietsm goalkeeper.

Van Toan (red shirt) played extremely excellently and had a foothold for HAGL – Photo: Quoc An

Than Quang Ninh was suddenly taken in the 23th minute when Van Toan took the ball to penetrate the area 16m50 and opened a shot to reach 1-0 for HAGL. The goal was impressed with the spirit of the visiting players, and continued with the introduction of the posture.

Consequently, J.Hugh had a difficult pass from the left wing attack, giving Viet Hungu a chance to knock it in for 2 – 0 after an attack on the home team's penalty area 27 minutes into the match.

Two consecutive matches were a match, and the stands became very exciting. In particular, the visiting team Quang Ninh Than constantly presses in the siege phase of siege to find a table, which shortens the score. But the intention of the coach Phan Thanh Hunga failed to become a reality in front of quite close players of HAGL.

The joy of Van Toana when he scored the home team's goals – Photo: Quoc An

39 minutes, in the collision phase, the host Zhao Viet Hung was injured and medical personnel took him directly to the hospital for emergencies. Entrance instead of Viet Hung is young Thanh Hau face.

Under the table, it is not surprising that Than Quang Ninh accelerated the pace as the other half just started. If Hermann's head was correct, maybe Quang Ninh Than had the goal to shorten the score.

Coal Quang Ninh was still a host of postures and continued to obstruct the goal of the host. However, the target still can not get to the students of the coach Phan Thanh Hung, although they have many opportunities to eat quite clearly.

There was no discussion, 67 minutes, Than Quang Ninh was flooded with cold water. The counterattack by J.Hugh into the box was deselected by Van Toan after 3 minutes. He converted a pass from the left for a goal, resulting in the visitors taking the 3 – 0 lead.

Dyachenko (blue shirt) shortened the result 2-3 for Quang Ninh coal – Photo: Quoc An

The joy of the visiting audience did not last long, it fell into anxiety when Quang Ninh coal had two consecutive short cuts in just 2 minutes. Hermann made a run for the goal 69 minutes into the match, and Dyachenko's Hai Huya cut through the central defense and chipped it past the away team's keeper.

Two successive goals have led visitors to rise and continue to harass the HAGL goal in order to balance the result. Than Quang Ninha players created a number of options, but no more hits, and visitors have to accept a loss of 2-3.

In the meantime, the first home victory made HAGL players happy as a festival, helping them gain more confidence in the race, but there are still many problems ahead.


HAGL: Sietsma, Van Son, Anh Tai, Hong Duy, Minh Vuong, Van Toan, J. Hugh, Tuan Anh (Thanh Son, 83?), Trong Sang, Duc Luong, Viet Hung (Thanh Hau, 39 & # 39; , Thang Toan, 90) & # 39;).

Than.QN: Tuan Linh, Van Khoa, Thanh Hao, Hong Quan (Trung Hieu, 85 '), Hoa Hung (Tien Duy, 81'), Nhat Minh, Hai Huy, Lasto Neven, Herman (Guo Tan, 85 & # 39;), Xuan Tu, Dyachenko.


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