Germany: the first brick for the restoration of the future


Germany: the first brick for the restoration of the future

The consumption of the most tragic World Cup in history, the fall of the League of Nations, the racist crisis, the worship of the gods, was the baggage of Germany, which was brought to Amsterdam to the Netherlands. If the orange vortex rotates as a guest trip 5 months ago, the possibility of running the dynasty of Joachim Loew was entirely possible.

13 years old, Loew is part of the history of German football, a legend, a feeling of emptiness is inevitable. However, Loew or any strategist in the world can not keep up with the fate of the national soccer background. This mission belongs to the actors. A great team of players is always a solid base for winning trophies.

Loew did not win the 2014 World Cup without Thomas Meller, Tony Crook, Mats Hummels, Jerome Boateng or Philippe Lahma. However, the players have become old and Germany needs a lot of next-generation players. The big performance in the Netherlands last night showed that the new season will come.

Perhaps in the next few years, the victory of 3-2 in Amsterdam will be understood as an artificial race, a milestone that marks the emergence of a new generation of talents as the pillar of German football. Since it's hard to believe that no player has scored a Dutch net in the Die Mannschaft team at the 2018 World Cup.
Schulz's decisive goal

Schulz's decisive goal

The hero Nico Schulz is very far from the door to work, Gnabry is the brightest candidate and Sane's absence is a great surprise. The decision about the type of city star, which is the time of Loew, looks like a manifest: "Germany is very powerful, so strong that it does not want a man who is striving for the whole world for it." After all, the trip to Die Mannschaft in Russia is a lesson about pride and complacency.

After this defeat, Loew seemed to have drawn a deep experience. So many gods were crowned, the faces were not dreaming for just one year to make the entry ticket a pillar. Gnabry made a big step since Tony Pulis was underestimated for his ability to play West Brom in 2015.

He and Sane combined their ideas to create endless waves for actors with Van Dijk and De Ligt's presence, which were united in the first half of the year. in addition to speed, technology and unpredictable fragmentation capabilities. Sane's goal showed the speed and sharpness of the goal, and Gnabry's goal was spectacular monumental effort.

Loew is building a new German phone

Loew is building a new German phone

Of course, it's hard to make sure that the failure of the World Cup in 2018 is good for Germany, but at least this failure creates a catalyst for change. Not only in the attack of goods, but also in the defense of Niklas Suel has shown certainty and influence. In the World Cup in 2018, although he was on the list, he played only once.

However, it is not possible to get the Germans into the clouds by winning. It is clear that Die Mannschaft has many problems, otherwise the Netherlands could not reach 2 goals and Ryan Babel wasted two other obvious opportunities. What's more, Germany Germany really sublimed in the first half, entered the other half and showed up before the home team.

In short, Die Mannschaft did only the first steps in the reform process. It is positive that these steps show the right direction. The victory restored the future and was valuable when it happened in the soft Dutch rival Johan Cruyff.

Netherlands 2-3 Germany

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