Find out lovers to kill you and then cross thousands of miles to escape


Sunday, March 24, 2019, 14:00 (GMT + 7)

In order to trace and arrest these lovers, many scouting teams and police investigators Binh Duong crossed the path of more than 2000 km …

On March 24, police police Binh Duong prosecuted the case, detained by Nguyen Duy Dong (SN 1995, Bac Ninh) and Nguyen Thi Ut (SN 1988, Thanh Hoa village) to investigate and explain acts of murder and impunity for perpetrators of criminal offenses.

Find killers and cross a thousand miles to escape - 1

Find a couple who will kill you and cross thousands of miles to escape - 2

People at the police station

Before that, at 10 am, on March 9, in the block of inn in the fourth quarter, Phu Ward, Thuan An Town (Binh Duong), a murder took place. The victim of death is Mr Luong Duc Q. (born in 1984, the home of Thanh Hoa, residing in the fourth quarter, An Phu Ward).

Through professional measures, the police in Binh Duong Province discovered Dong and Ut as two case-related cases. Both hired workers at Binh Duong survived and did not register for temporary residence. They escaped from the inn after it happened.

Shortly afterwards, the reconnaissance team made a long way to find the home site of the subjects. However, they did not return to the location. From a precious source, the subject moved to National Highway 1 across the north provinces, it is likely that the object will run abroad.

After many days of clutter in the area, the searchers found them in a cottage in the Cao Loc district (Lang Son) and waited for the right time to cross the border illegally. Therefore, at 7:00 on March 12, Dong prepared for breakfast, but suddenly he was investigating him to supervise, arrest, and exhibit. The building was very quiet, as he said that he did not know Mr Q. and was unjustly arrested. With sharp arguments about the trail of a crime to leave the scene, the witness found the investigator's identification, the new Dong would be inclined to plead guilty. Shortly thereafter Uta was also arrested.

Both of them first admitted that they were around 9 am at the police office on March 9, while Ut and Dong went to Mr. Q.'s room to drink alcohol. During the meal, between Mr Q. and Dong, there was a dispute that led to a fight. Everyone interfered, Dong left. Approximately 4 hours the same day, Mr. Q. He went up to the inn to rest when Dong suddenly followed and used the knife to stab in Q. Which resulted in the death of the victim. Upon completion of the project, they will escape from the venues and dwellings.

The couple stole telephone bags and wristwatches

The pair penetrated into the phone store and stole more than 210 mobile phones and watches.


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