Thursday , July 29 2021

Fanpage Attack At Titan, Vietnam calls for boycott

If you are a Vietnamese manga fan, it may not be weird that fanpage "Shingeki No Kyojin: Attack on the Fan Club Titan Vietnam" – a long-standing community that attracts tens of thousands of people who love the Titan Attack (AOT) and return each day. Lately, this fanpage has had to raise its voice and disseminate information to boycott for copyright infringement. The incident caused the netizens to accelerate after several hours of playback.

Fanpage Attack At Titan, Vietnam calls for boycott Theft of Gray Dreams, Horizontally Challenging Others - Figure 1.

Part of the content posted by Fanpage's "Shingeki No Kyojin: Attack on the Titan Vietnam fan club", in which critics are nettruyen and called on the online community to boycott this site

More specifically, the fanpage AOT Vietnam Fanclub gave arguments and said that the website stubbornly stole the content posted by the administrative team in hokvientruyentranh, otakusan, truyentranhqq, etc. nettruyen did not use the storytelling server, but simply copied it and took the story link directly from the servers of other websites, which made other websites take a large amount of traffic.

"Because of this, other websites lose enormous hits and become extremely lightweight, it's difficult to download the story because you MUST remember the Nettruyen and can no longer earn money from ads." …

Identify an example, such as Blogtruyen, one of the websites that steal data directly from Nettruyen, where AD also used to publish new AOT readers for each month. Blogtruyen's story about the chapters after posting, and then 30 minutes later, Nettruyen is available (because automatically leeching does not need to be processed), and when you read on nettruyen, nettruyen will get money from the Blogtruyen Blog server itself, making Blogtruyen more and more backward, while no one is watching. – AOT Vietnam Fanclub says.

Fanpage Attack At Titan, Vietnam calls for boycott Theft of Gray Dreams, Horizontally Challenging Others - Picture 2.

Currently, the post has attracted more than 10,000 likes, more than 1,500 comments, almost 6,000 shares and no stop signs.

Fanpage AOT said that this is a powerful point that helps nettruyen outperform traditional websites (faster storytelling, fewer ads, early story updates, and first-place search on Google). Not only is the theft of copyright, nettruyen has also attracted all visits since then, resulting in other websites dying slowly due to loss of funding to maintain business and advertising revenues.

How to abuse copyright for nettruyen is also strongly criticized by fanpage AOT, including deleting credits, editing translators, stealing voices, opinions, commenting, inserting sentences. The translation group "on available works. Not only did the AOT fanpage also say that the nettruyen team was" very welcome and demanding "when it attacked the copyright for the translation.

At present, a post on Facebook calling for a boycott of Vietnam AOT has attracted more than 10,000 likes, more than 1,500 remarks, nearly 6,000 shares and is still rising. Things are getting hotter, not just in the Vietnamese Manga Lovers Association, but also in the general online community.

You can now read the full text of this event through the link here.

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