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Do not wear underwear to withdraw money; the girl is swimming like alcohol on the Internet – Young


Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 8:30 (GMT + 7)

The young girl did not wear underwear, but she still stood in line to wait for withdrawals, despite the surprising look of the surrounding people.

Do not wear underwear to withdraw money, the girl is like alcohol on the net - 1

The girl shocked people around her to raise money without wearing underwear.

No girl when she goes to the street is not very dressed, beautiful makeup, this British girl is proof. Not only was she dressed in a mess, this young girl did not even wear underwear when she went out.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, on February 9, some of the photos of a girl standing at a ATM in Somerset, England, attracted the attention of the netizens. The girl was harshly criticized for the clothes.

Depending on the photos that spread on social networks, this girl stands in line at an ATM that is waiting to raise money. However, she wears only a pink shirt on her body, which is thin, late in the neck and a little over 3 laps, inside without a bra or panties.

In addition, the outer shirt is not discreet, even almost completely revealing the first and last. It seems that through a light breeze that blows through it, it will reveal sensitive parts to everyone.

It's brutal dressing, but the girl's relationship is still very calm and apparently does not pay attention to the eyes of people around you. Some of the stories were so angry that they pulled out the phone and took this picture and posted it on the social network. The photo attracted a lot of interest in a short time.

Without wearing underwear to raise money, a girl floats like alcohol on the internet - 2

A thin, sleeveless shirt, which is outside, the girl revealed sensitive parts.

Most Netizen did not agree and criticized the lack of a young girl's clothes and a lack of fabric. Many others have expressed concern about the thinking and way of dressing on the streets of today's young people.

"I do not understand what he thinks and wears when he goes to the street", "It's not fashion, it's a dirty thing," "When you hurry up with money, there is no set in the closet, all underwear," "To show sexy, you can use this mode. This is antagonism, not a personality, " Netizens talks about it.

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