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Director of the Provincial Police Department Society

On November 20, the National Assembly passed the amended Law on the People's Police, with more than 85% of the delegates' votes. The Act shall enter into force on 1 July. In particular, Article 25 states that the highest rank of officer:

General: Minister of Public Security;

Lieutenant General: Deputy Minister of Public Security. Quantity not exceeding 6;

The general polling agent shall not exceed 35, including:

Heads, commanders and equivalents of units belonging to the Ministry of Public Security have one of the following criteria: they have the function and task of advising on strategies, coordination with ministries, branches and places; To have a vertical system of forces operating nationwide and directly assuming the main responsibility for coordination or cooperation in coordinating the implementation of the task of safeguarding national security, ensuring social order and security, and preventing crime; To have the function of studying, directing and managing the entire force of professional forces;

Deputy Chairman of the Inspectorate of the Central Committee of the Party;

Director of the Political Academy of the People's Police, Director of the Academy for Human Security, Director of the Academy of Human Police;

Director of the Hanoi Police Department, Director of the Ho Chi Minh Police Directorate;

Officials appointed as Deputy Chairmen of the National Security and Defense Committee of the National Assembly or appointed as Vice-Presidents or equivalent.

Among the biggest bandits, which do not contain more than 157, are:

Heads of units at the Ministry of Public Security and their posts and equivalent addresses, with the exception of the provisions of point c, paragraph 1 of this article;

Heads of provincial / municipal public security services are classified as administrative units at provincial level I, key and complex areas of security, order, wider area and large population. Quantities not exceeding 11;

Deputy Chairman of the Inspection Committee of the Central Party of the Police Commission. Quantity not more than 03;

Deputy Directors, Deputy Commanders and Equal Units of Units designated by the Ministry of Public Security under point c, paragraph 1 of this article. Quantity: 17 units per unit not more than 04, the remaining units of each unit not exceeding 03;

Deputy Director of Police in Hanoi, Deputy Mayor of Ho Chi Minh City. The unit quantity must not exceed 03;

Secondary staff members are appointed permanent members of the National Security and Security Committee of the National Assembly, or they are appointed as Director-General or equivalent.

The colonel includes: the head of the provincial police, with the exception of the provisions of points c and d of this provision; Hospital directors under the Ministry; Presidents of secondary schools …

Standing Committee NA General unit of the new unit

The explanatory statement was made by the Chairman of the Defense Security Committee in Trong Viet, some of whom agreed with the provisions of the draft law; Propose the criteria and the number of general staff of the General Staff, General Major and Special Positions that are allocated to the Government or the Minister of Public Security for decision.

Some suggestions indicate that the highest position of each position is in the law.

To gain direction of the competent level, the views of Members of NATO and in line with the policy of reforming and reorganizing the organization and apparatus of the Constitutional Assembly in a simplified direction, effective and efficient functioning, Standing Committee of the Standing Committee Controlling the number of positions of each class; The principles and criteria determine the position of the general class. For units that were clear and stable on the basis of the legacy of the Commonwealth Law in 2014, specific provisions of the law apply.

For new units formed after the reorganization of the apparatus, the determination of the rank of the general is based on the principles, criteria and the assignment of the permanent committee. The assignment of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, as defined in the draft law, is also in accordance with the Constitution, which is in accordance with the existing regulations; Based on the number, principles and criteria determined by the National Assembly, the NA Standing Committee determines each position with a general act to ensure the tightness and flexibility in organizing the implementation.

Unanimously agreed on the number of generals in CAND. Some proposals to consider an increase in the number of generals when it has declined should be calculated in accordance with the situation of political security, social order and security, and the Prime Minister must therefore be associated with a certain number of soldiers. . Therefore, the proposal to take into account the number of posts, the rank of Lieutenant General, Major-General.

Some suggest that the number of prime positions in CAND should be in line with the current organizational model and ensure a similarity to the number of members of the general generation in the Human Force.

UBTVQH notes that while the size of the Ministry of Public Security is adapting to rationalization, it focuses on the goal of intensive, efficient and effective work, tasks, tasks and the masses of work does not change. The determination of the number of positions with the highest ranking is that the general level must be derived from the need to direct the administration to perform the tasks and tasks of the Ministry of Public Security. The Standing Committee of the National Assembly, in obtaining the views of NA deputies and studies, inherits the number of posts with the general generation of the current law of the People's Republic approved by the competent authorities, ordered the specialized agencies to comply with the draft. The Ministry of Public Security reviews the position of those who wish to assess in general the current organizational model of the Ministry of Public Security, as specified in the draft law. Accordingly, the review reduced the number of general-generation positions compared to the current regulations.

Number of Members of the general scope: In accordance with the provisions of the current Police Act, 02 units (Guard and Mobile Police Command) are available. The number of deputy ministers may not exceed 05, but currently the Ministry of Public Security reorganizes the apparatus without general services, and the provincial unit they are merged on the basis of various bureaus. Department department has the highest ranking in general. Therefore, in order to meet the practical requirements for steering the management of functions and tasks, the balance of the number of deputy heads of the two commanders and some departments after the merger has been effectively implemented. At present, it is the task of many departments, the NA Standing Committee proposed the number of deputies with the rank of general majeure 02 command and 15 units of the department level no more than 04, the remaining units no more than 03.

– it is proposed to lift the criteria for determining the post of the General Staff "functions, functions and organizations that have not changed or changed to a large extent since 6 August 2018"; Some comments point to the criteria for determining the rank of general secretary for the Provincial Police Director; Propose a number of specific criteria: to have a strategic, complex and important position regarding security and order.

The Standing Committee of the National Assembly received comments from Members of NATO that it examined and thoroughly examined the principles and criteria for determining positions equivalent to a rank equivalent to a functional position, the number of generals in CAND; At the same time review the principles and criteria, as prescribed in the draft law on takeover and auditing.

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