Director of Honorable Artist Trinh Trinh: "My wife is under the age of 16 is just a small thing"


Sunday, March 24, 2010, 13:30 (GMT + 7)

The male director trusted a lot when he traveled with his wife, many friends or in a joke, called him "uncle", and her wife was "sister".

The meritorious artist Trinh Trinh is one of the well-known faces of the Northern Television Screen with the help of a number of films marking the hearts of fans The wind passes through the region in the morning and at night in Rainbow shadow… a temporary page from the screen for some time has gone to the lead role for a number of recent drama, such as All life's annoyance, Zippo mustard and me.

The success of his career was such, but his life had to be interrupted when his 20-year marriage and his first wife ended. After a divorce for two years, he focused on films to forget mental injuries. If we look at Trong Trinh is absorbed into such work, friends all think that it takes a very long time for him to restore faith with women and married life. But unexpectedly, suddenly, the love came for the talented director to start again with another woman, 16 years old.

Director Meritorious Acting: My wife under the age of 16 is also a small story " - 1

Merit artist Trinh Trinh.

A person who is quite squeezed about private life, but during the premiere of the film Bride, Trong Trinh had the opportunity to share his current life. 10 years after the wedding, when we recall a new era of love, the Meritorious Artist Trinh Trinh recalls:My wife was active then. Every afternoon she called me to ask me. One day, I suddenly did not call, so I was disappointed that nobody asked me again, so I took the phone and called it. But what made me fall for it was a package of tea tea that remained in the office.

When I met her, I knew that I could easily get cold, so I was always preparing a lot of tea from home, in the car, in the office, in order to save time. When I got cold in the office, I saw a chocolate teapot and suddenly remembered. At that time, I realized that my wife at that time was really good, and very skilled "how to fight soldiers in battle". I still remember those details, and once I fucked up my wife, but she just told me to take care of you".

Director Meritorious Acting: My wife under the age of 16 is also a small story " - 2

The marriage of a player and another woman ten years ago had many friends in the art world.

When he talked about the age difference between the two, he replied witty:There is nothing big in two women. A 16-year-old woman is a small thing, no problem. For me, children are at least 30 years old. Everything was suppressed by the fate. I did not deliberately set up anything"The male director confided greatly when he went with his wife, many friends or joked, called him" uncle ", the woman was" she ".He looked back, watched him, or called him accordingly".

Nevertheless, Trong Trinh has a difference in the marriage of a married couple when two people have conflicting personalities. He said:I'm a little talkative and talking a lot. How soft she is, it's hot. Sometimes she cried out and asked me, "Why do not you say, always silently," I just answered "I can not say"In addition to saving words, the player himself considered himself an honest person, so he rarely spoke praise to his wife.

"I admit it was a bad thing. I think that the difference between husband and wife is the compensatory rule of creation and I accept it. As someone who has come to rest and talks less, I always listen. When it comes to controversy, I never bring the experience of people who are older to insist that I am right. The player is honest.

Director Meritorious Acting: My wife under the age of 16 is also a small story " - 3

The player, his wife and his two sons.

In addition to the story of married life, Meritorious Artist Trinh Trinh also received much attention when her friend, Do Thanh Hai, revealed that she would have a baby at 62 years of age.Mr. Hai is joking, without knowing where the child is. I'm not afraid to have children at this age, because that's happiness".

However, he has a child when he is older, even to think about when he will be responsible for 20 years. "When a child grows up and needs counseling in the best family, I can no longer, or can not share, with him. Although I always allow children to be independent and respect all their choices, I think that if children are grown, it will be much harder to grow up. Every child needs a parent, at least for a spiritual basis. In the world there are also children who are born to be completely self-confident, but they will definitely need more time than ordinary people. Life is hard to say, just thinking about not giving me a full life is strange. If I do not think you would have more children for a long time, "he stressed.

Regarding his wife, the actor shared: "From the very beginning, I immediately told her that I had the responsibility to take care of my two sons to adulthood. If both come together, they will have to sacrifice themselves. But then, if I want to have a baby, then I have to try to have a baby. Meritorious Artist Trinh Trinh admits that another person is offering what he wants, but the response to him is the unexpected response of his wife, which makes him happy:I need you, I'm ready to sacrifice for you. If Heaven gives, then I accept if not, it is not necessary".

Director Trong Trinh was unhappy about three times the pregnancy

He did not understand how he and director Bui Tien Huy worked and worked together as actors to give birth to this time.


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