"Boa" money for just 100,000, two female karaoke hostesses called people to hit


A Karaoke Recorder A little tip should invite you to hit the guests. Consequences, injured, prisoner.

On 16 November, the court of Sa Dec County (Dong Thap Province) was sentenced by Mr. Le Tan Trunga (22 years old living in Hamlet 1, Ward 2, Sa Dec Town) until 4 years in prison. intentionally causing damage.

Covered Shipping costs 100,000 VND, 2 karaoke speakers are guest list

According to the case report, on 7 January, Nguyen Van Thien and Mr. Truong Minh Thang about 23 hours 30 minutes and a couple of friends in the karaok bar on the street Nguyen Tat Thanh (Group 3, Section 1, the city Sa Dec) and two other waiters that can serve.

When he left, Thien spent money for two cupboards every 100,000 people. However, both hostages who complained about the "boa" of a little money appeared in a conflict and called some friends to fight the Thien and Thang group.

At the same time Trung was already drinking. If he was acquainted with the two hostesses, Trung was deterred by him and beaten by the Thien group. Angered, Trung went to a nearby grocery store to get a knife to hit Good with a 12% injury rate and Thang with a disability of 32%.

During the investigation, Trung's family paid compensation to Thang and Thien with a total amount of more than 250 million dong.

News – Photos: NHA HAN



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