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Around Phuc XO – the man with the most gold in Vietnam, who claims that all gold is a fake, many readers are discussing this a lot.

On the morning of 12 April, the Tran Ngoc Phuc police station (named Phuc XO, aged 36 years old, living in Ho Chi Minh City) declared before the police office, all the jewelry they carried was fake gold, with the exception of rings. According to XO, all the gold hats and necklaces that equip them just to attract attention and earn online.

The story attracted a lot of public attention, since every time Phuc XO appeared, it focused on dozens of kilograms of gold on people. XO Phuc was once named as the man with the most gold in Vietnam.

Many readers had contradictory comments on this incident. Some argue that the fact that Phuc XO carries counterfeit gold is real because there are not many people who would have a lot of money to show off. "We've been deceived for a long time," "The man who wears the most fake gold in Vietnam", "Counterfeit gold for PR, but the rich who does such crazy things. Now it's true," … Some ideas are given for information, which Phuc XO proclaimed to carry counterfeit gold.

However, others suspect that Phuc XO may deliberately proclaim fake gold to dissuade public opinion and show signs of guilty crime.

Phuc XO claimed to bear all false gold on him.
Phuc XO claimed to bear all false gold on him.

"There are signs that we can escape the sins and avoid the suspicion of public opinion when it comes to false gold. That's in my opinion. This man is rich and can trade with prohibited goods," readers said by Pham.

"It's impossible to believe in real gold because of the word XO Phuc. It's good or fake, the test will be clear." "I wonder if it's rich, but his car can not be a fake." In my opinion, it's dangerous to deal with drugs and we do it, "said Nguyen Thanh Thuong.

Some readers have obtained evidence that Phuc XO once received a gold purchase certificate: "In the past, he said that gold was 100% true gold, then showed a gold-bought certificate, and now it's a fake gold." , "The day before I saw a picture of this guy who saw a very large gold store, ordered and presented an account for the purchase of gold. Now that the gold is a fake, it is true that only the user can know it."

In the meantime, Thanh Trong said that real gold or fake police could conclude: "Let the police evaluate everything from cars, gold and drug business. No judgment is available. If it is fake gold, it is also the responsibility to take care of this and we see the life or death of drug trafficking. "

Earlier, on April 10th, unexpectedly entered the functional forces on the XO karaoke located on Truong Chinh Street, district 12, owned by Phuc XO. Here, authorities have discovered signs of illegal drug use in karaoke XO. The police temporarily detained Tran Ngoc Phuc to investigate and clarify acts of illicit drug use.


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