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Before the proposal for the use of the "lu" to flood, there were 104 regulating lakes lying … on paper


What do experts say about the flood protection proposal?

12 July afternoon at the 15th meeting of the Ho Chi Minh People's Council, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Thi Hong Xuan has proposed an initiative to prepare people for the fight against floods. This opinion was immediately received with mixed opinions. Experts say this is not a serious solution to floods, a problem in HCMC today.

Architect Ngo Viet Nam Son said that proposing a solution to preparing people to prevent flooding is ineffective. The important issue is that urban planning must be a space for water.

"There may be millions of cubic meters of water in these spaces to resist flooding, but how much water can each of them contain? Instead of the state budget for equipping people with water, then it's better to use that money to fix the lakes," the question was put up by Mr. Son.

Before the introduction of flood management on paper, there were 104 regulating lakes - Figure 1.

Experts believe that the site that people are eliminating due to floods is not feasible. Photo: M.Q

At the same time, prof. Dr. Ho Long Phi, the former director of the Center for Water and Climate Change Management at the Ho Chi Minh National University, confirmed that many of the floodproof projects in HCM City used old input data, while precipitation rises as rising causes congested sewage water after only a few years of use.

In order to overcome this situation, regulatory tanks (underground or open) should be used to temporarily store the areas until the rain stops, slowly recharging into channels and rivers. This is a way that has been done by big cities in the world for a long time.

However, Mr. Ho Long Phi said that the new drainage system is the main solution to prevent flooding due to rain. Therefore, for the complete solution of the city, in parallel with the construction of control tanks, it is necessary to have a comprehensive solution that includes investments in sewage, tidal tidal control.

It is necessary to solve the problem of regulation of lakes on paper

According to the Rainwater Drainage Plan (Decision 752 / QD-TTg), by 2020 HCMC will construct up to 104 regulating lakes. In addition to the pilot underground control lake on Vo Van Ngan (Thu Duc district), no projects have yet been completed.

At the end of 2018, the City Flood Control Center (currently merged with the Administrative Committee for Technical Infrastructure, managed by the Ministry of Construction HCMC) proposed the HCMC People's Committee to allow the implementation of 5 flood control tanks. in the period 2019-2020 with a total investment capital of more than 475 billion VND.

Proposed regulatory tanks with a capacity of 1,500 to 20,000 m3 with Japanese cross-wave technology underground (formerly piloted on Vo Van Ngan Street).

Before proposing the use of flood protection, there were 104 regulating lakes lying ... on paper - photo 2.

The structure of the tank consists of a polypropylene modular assembly with transverse waves. Photo: M.Q

According to the proposal, five regulatory lakes were deployed: Hoang Van Thu Park (Tan Binh District), Go Vap Flower Park (Go Vap District), Tran Thien Chanh Residential Park (District 10). ), green belts separating from Phan Xich Long Street (Phu Nhuan District), a green campus opposite the Police Ward 25 (Binh Thanh District).

These reservoirs have an aggregate system of water pumps and discharges that deal with floods in layout and surrounding roads.

So far, these regulated lakes are still on paper, because the site for editing the lake was not unified with districts, districts and some other lakes, which are in the phase of searching for capital and compensation for the earth's surface for construction.

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