Beauty is no worse than Zhao Man, why Zhou Zhuo did not win


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Why Zhang Wuji falls in love with Zhao Man, and not in Zhou Shu, which is always a topic that has no end. But maybe that's the reason for this.

"Đồ Thien Tu Long Ky" is one of the most successful works in the career of late writer Kim Dung, who has been seen to eight times since 1978. The story revolves around the life of the young major Zhang Wu, who interferes in the dramatic love triangle between him and two wonderful girls: his childhood friend Chu Chien and the Mongol princess Zhao Man.

Beauty is no less than Trieu Man, why Chu Chi Nhieu did not win Zhang Wuji? - 1

The love of the three hands between Zhao Man – Zhang Wuji – Chu Only Nhược

Chu Chi Nhut was born only for the daughter of a shipwreck on the river, who accidentally met with Truong Vo Ky. When Vo Ky hit Huyen Minh, Commander Hac But Ong, she was always there to care, even though she was only 10 years old at that time.

Later she followed Zhang Sanfeng in Wudang Mountain, and Zhang Wuji went with Thuong Ngo Xuanom to search for the historical spy Ho Thanh Ngu. Since Vo Dang did not accept women, Chu Chi Nhe joined the Emirate, led by the Grand Master of Thailand.

Beauty is no less than Trieu Man, why Chu Chi Nhieu did not win Zhang Wuji? - 2

Picture of the young actress Wishing Tu Day as Chu Chi Nhieu

Contrary to the background of Chu Chi Nhieu, the Trieu man was born as a Mongolian district since his birth. Not only did she have money, she was also able to have a position, be a soldier, and be a security guard in the area.

According to Kim Dung's description, Trieu Man is also a harsh man, so clever that he can fight martial arts. After many events, Zhao Man realized that his love for the enemy team was Zhang Wuji.

Beauty is no less than Trieu Man, why Chu Chi Nhieu did not win Zhang Wuji? - 3

Trieu Man in He Long Heavenly Cat 2019, played by Tran Ngoc Ky

Zhou Yi and Zhao Man brought their heart into Zhang Wuji, but Zhang Wuji instead decided to come to Zhao Man instead of choosing a person who had experienced the same suffering in the past. This has caused a lot of controversy for the audience, because there were many people who supported Chu Chi.

Perhaps it was the reason that Zhou Zhixin did not forever win in the love of Zhang Wuji, because of his so soft personality. On the scene of the movie "Kill the Great Monk Thai" (Chau Hai My) and other big factions fighting against Quang Minh Dinh, Chua Only was repeatedly called for Truong Vo Ky to stab because she is currently the only one with a sword. After a period of ideological struggle, Chu Chi Nha still listened to the teacher's words, stabbed Truong Vo Ky with his sword in his chest.

The extermination of a great monk Thai called Chu just to stab Truong Vo Ky

At that moment, Zhou was in the battle to take over the heart of his master, defeated only Zhao Man. Many viewers said that Zhou Zhuo was too weak, not stubborn, he dared not resist everyone to come to the one who loved him.

Although, compared to Ky Hieu Phu (O Tinh Tinh) – another student of my Russian faction, who fell in love with Puyang Yang Minh Giaa, even gave birth to a child and was called immortality – then Zhou Chuan still lags behind. . Zhou Xiaoguan was also forced to go to kill Yang Tsuya, but he would rather die in the hands of killing the Thai great master and not harm the people in his heart.

Beauty is no less than Trieu Man, why Chu Chi Nhieu did not win Zhang Wuji? - 4

Zhou Xiaowen would die and not kill Yang Yang

In the meantime, Trieu Man is later, there is not much time to contact Truong Vo Ky, but he always searches for ways to be with the person he likes. When he sensed his feelings for Zhang Wuji, Zhao Man initially could not express his feelings too frankly, but he could only pretend to have the shadow of Zhang Wuji and smile. When they stopped hooking, Trieu Man cheated Zhang Wuji with a drink of wine and was pleased with this "indirect" kissing way.

Zhao Man enjoys a "date" with the shadow of Zhang Wuji

Although the distance between Zhang Wuji was heavy and dangerous, Zhao Man always accompanied him. Chu Just thought poorly that she was still a sad girl who was tormented by her hopeless love and then entered the evil way.

The advantage of Zhou surpassed Zhao Manja in

The beauty of Trieu Man and Chu Chi Nhem in "Tan Long Long Ky Long" causes netizens to chat.


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