After a victory in the Indonesian U23 game, the Hang-Seo coach made a shocking speech


24-3 evening, teachers and coaches Park Hang-seo has a tough 1-0 win against opponents who are weaker than Indonesia U23, thanks to the goal of the 90 + 4 minute Trieu Viet Hung. More than 90 minutes ago, the home team was stuck in public goods, the middle line was separated and the defenses had many fatal errors.

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Vietnam U23 (white shirt) shows that playing is not as expected from BHL

"This is a win is luck. As the head coach, I'm not happy with this game," Park said frankly and emphasized two reasons: Firstly, playing games can not be played, players play mainly. personal, lack of cooperation. Secondly, players must carry out correct offensive and defensive tasks in each situation, but they do not seem to understand this task.

Looking at the wider, the Park Hang-seo coach said that U23 won the second-ranked 2018, which is different from the current U23, especially in the preparation process, the team with a long training together and a new team with only 1 team. Week together, so the misleading result is also an explanation for Indonesia.

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Coach Park Hang-seo expressed dissatisfaction despite the fact that the home team won the match

"The problem is the time if you say that the current U23 capacity that is not equal to the previous U23 is not accurate," said Mr Park to protect students and said that Vietnam U23 needs time to understand the player and strictly follow the coaching strategy.

The Korean strategist also admitted that he did not have good substitutes in this game and that he would be responsible for: "In Korea, people sometimes change a little. I think that I'm changing people with poor results. If it's not my fault to replace people, my fault.

Indonesian Sjafri said that his students met 90% of the requests.

"Most of the invasive situation in Vietnam has been eliminated. Unfortunately, we must ultimately lose our goals at the last minute. Of course, elimination makes me unhappy, but we also have developed lessons." in the future, "added Indra.

After two games, U23 Indonesia and U23 Brunei were soon eliminated, so the last match between the two teams was only procedural. In the meantime, U23 Thailand (6 points, difference of +12) and U23 Vietnam (6 points, +7) is the decisive factor for the top of the table.


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