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According to the World of Mobile, Son Canh exposed the data?


The allegedly disclosed Mobile World consumer information is still awaiting clarification, hackers continue to publish data on the network personal information about thousands of supermarket chains of the mother and baby Con Con. Technology experts point out that the hijacking of business data is on the rise, leading to unpredictable risks.

What causes leakage of information?

In the afternoon of November 10, the hacker sent the RaidForums information file (name, address, telephone number, email address, worker location, job location …). There are 2,272 employees with photographs that were carried out to prove that these data are true for download. By analyzing and testing the file that was launched by the hacker, Ngo Tuan Anh, vice president of cybersecurity Bkav, confirmed that it was possible to conclude that the information about Conkie was abandoned. but it is not clear how to exploit the bad people. According to Tuan Anha, employees who have personal information are exposed to changing their password, be careful with strange emails, messages, and signs of fraud to protect themselves. The corporate system has penetrated, so it needs to be reviewed, discovered vulnerabilities and handled timely.

According to the World of Mobile, Son Canh exposed the data? - Photo 1.

According to the Mobile World, a hacker had broken in to start data, they believe this company online Photo: Chanh Trung

Regarding the possibility of customers using Mobile World Investment JSC (MWG) for the disclosure of personal data, the Department of Information Security, the Vietnam Emergency Response Team – VNCERT The Ministry of Information and Communication sent technical staff directly to work with the MWG for help. To date, the Ministry of Information Security has stated that it has not reported any signs of intrusion into the system components associated with personal data. The Ministry of Information Security will continue to coordinate with the MWG and the relevant review and review authorities.

The director of the Central Bank (NH) Card Center said by the end of November that according to the information of the Mobile World customers, it was published online, relevant ministries, the Card Association and a number of banks. Comprehensive response. Accordingly, NH makes a list of cardholders dealing with World Mobile, information on the risk of viewing cards. Then, the bank will contact the cardholder, recommending that the card be locked or made by a new card.

"If hackers attack the payment gateway or the NH system for stealing information, one or two sales companies are exposed to information about customers that would have a large number of sales units on millions of card holders. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, when customers pay a card, many sales units, services require staff to store the card number in the system and can cause leakage of information. The card holder comes from here "- an international card expert

What is the purpose of the hacker?

Also on November 10, in addition to publishing personal information and the alleged "threat", he will continue to publish the data on the Honey Cup, and the hacker also sells data on the Other. According to the employee's alleged employee information, a hacker who was also included in the next article of this hacker will launch customer data on Con. Hacker also claims to own the FPT Shop data, but this data is sold only to those who are "ready to" buy. This information continues to be affected by many users.

According to the security office, the purpose of these attacks was to increase personal data of hackers for cyber-related incidents, especially for phishing attacks. Ngo Tan Vu Khanh, Director of Laboratory Development at Kaspersky Lab Vietnam, said: "These incidents can target hackers to a number of targets, and hackers have been hired to steal information. In order to reduce the reputation of competitors, disseminating information so that users, business confused or posted personal user data to sell spam ads to other companies and individuals. Advertising is only hacking ability only. "

IT experts Pham Hong Phuoc:

Effect on e-commerce

While it is still not possible to check the sources of data in the hands of hackers, leaks and theft, it appears that many data discharges have caused many to ask them. . Is it possible that this is all deliberately sabotaging?

A global mobile society questions the competition in the event of a coincidence. And it can not eliminate conspiracy theories to create demand for information security services, network security has become a hot tip.

Leakage of customer information and their electronic payment transactions affect electronic commerce, electronic payments, online payments, and even efforts to reduce cash payments. carried out by Vietnam. They also cause businesses to operate on the network, while electronic payment is uncertain and the customer of distrust has a number of other consequences. Vietnam is a country with many network security systems still inadequate, stems from a slight ignorance of the company and customers. Since there is no other option than accepting the game, the company must increase the level of protection for itself and its customers.

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