A blow to the Thai player U23, U23 player Brunei broke his neck in the courtyard My Dinh


Serious injury took place in Thailand U23 match 8-0 wins Brunei U23, the U-23 group qualifications of Asia 2020 in the My Dinh yard.

The situation takes place in 83 minutes of catching Thailand U23 against U23 Brunei, Group K, U23 qualification for Asia until 2020. It is a dispute about a ball near the edge along the U23 section of Brunei. U23 Brunei, no. 2, Salleh Emzah was quick to hit the pitch and jogged over the bar. Thai right-winger Nakin Wisetchat also turned to the dispute. At the beginning, two players hit hard, both of them fell into the yard.

In a lower position, Salleh Emzah was in a worse position. Salleh Emzah was immediately laid on the stretcher and headed straight to the ambulance. While Nakin Wisetchat left the box with stretch marks, he continued to enter the field.

And the next time you get U23 Thailand, you will get U23 Brunei and My Dinh picture 1

Salleh Emzah is attached to the neck. (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

According to the collection U23 Thai Lan, the collection U23 from Brunei is in my picture 2

They were taken to the hospital. (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

Initial information from the stadium My Dinh, defender Salleh Emzah from U23 Brunei, broke his neck.

It's shocking news with Brunei U23. Prior to that, they did not receive medical services to monitor the team because he was ill and had to get the help of a doctor from the Vietnamese state.

Brunei U23 lost in both matches with a very strong result. The team received the nickname "corn eye", lost to Vietnam U23 6-0 and lost to Thailand U23 8-0, no longer a chance to win tickets for the U23 finals in Asia.

Brunei U23 will play the last match with Indonesia U23 on March 26.


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