90% of cars imported without tax from Thailand and Indonesia in Vietnam: "The price is rising through the door"


According to the General Department of Customs, in March and the first three months of the year, cars in Vietnam rose sharply in comparison with the previous month. In addition, Thai and Indonesian cars import almost 90% of the total volume of complete cars imported to Vietnam.

90% of imported cars without tax from Thailand and Indonesia in Vietnam: the price increases through the door - 1

Vehicles imported to Vietnam represent 90% of vehicles from the Thai and Indonesian duty-free markets, but currently imported cars still do not fall.

In addition, according to customs reports, the country imported more than 13,200 cars in March, including over 9,500 cars (representing over 70%), which is 3.6 times more than in the same period last year. .

Overall, in the first three months of 2019, the number of vehicles imported to Vietnam has more than 39,000 units, of which more than 27,400 units are under 9 seats, almost 10 times more than in the same period of 2018. t

As for the price, the current car imported to Vietnam has an average price of over $ 460 million / unit, and the price has dropped by nearly $ 40 million compared to the average price in 2018. The average price of the car in 2017.

According to a report from the customs office, complete cars from Thailand and Indonesia were returned in the first three months of the year. The total number of vehicles imported from both markets reached more than 34,900 units, representing almost 90% of the total quantity of imported vehicles in the country.

The average price of imported cars from Thailand is 457 million VND / vehicle, while the average price of cars from Indonesia is around 365 million VND / unit, which is the lowest price in the car import market in Vietnam.

In addition to the ASEAN market, the first three months of the year, the Vietnamese car market also recorded an increase in car imports from China, Japan, Germany and the United States. Chinese cars imported to Vietnam have trucks and passenger cars. Meanwhile, German cars imported to Vietnam, mostly from old brands such as BMW, Audi or Mercedes … therefore, the average price per vehicle is very high, over 1.5 billion VND / unit.

One of the concerns is that almost 90% of cars imported to Vietnam originating in Thailand and Indonesia and not subject to duty on import have an average price of a customs declaration below 500 million VND, which proves that all types of vehicles are popular and medium-sized cars.

However, in sales on the Vietnamese market, most of these models have a very high price of over 800 million VND, even more than 1.2 billion VND / unit, such as Honda CRV, HRV, Toyota Fortuner, Rush. .

In addition, in the exporting country, Thailand and Indonesia, the same types of vehicles being exported to Vietnam are cheaper than those sold in Vietnam from tens of millions of dollars to almost 200 million dong / cars.

Nguyen Tuyen

90% of imported cars without taxes from Thailand and Indonesia in Vietnam: Price increases through the door - 2


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