Sunday , August 1 2021

WhatsApp prepares a tool to migrate your chats between Android and iOS

Android and iOS have managed to become the two leading mobile platforms in the market. While in Android the ecosystem is open and the transition from one brand to another is an easy task, iOS is more closed to Apple products and services.

While the transition from one ecosystem to another isn’t overly complicated, sometimes small details prevent us from opting for the iPhone or leaving the iPhone for any Android brand. WhatsApp is usually one of the biggest barriers to migration, but it looks like the app will put an end to it.

WhatsApp will facilitate the transition from Android to iOS and vice versa

WhatsApp backups are not exactly new and have been available to everyone for years. However, they represent a small drawback and that is that they are limited to working with a single operating system.

This means that if you use WhatsApp on Android and back up your chats when you switch it to another Android mobile phone, you can restore it, but if for any reason you decide to switch to iPhone, you will have to start from scratch and lose your conversations .

The inconvenience is that in case you want to have conversations, it limits your choice. WhatsApp seems to be finally aware of this and would embark on an official tool to migrate your data between any of the two major operating systems.

This was revealed by WABetaInfo with the following screenshot, indicating that WhatsApp is already working on this feature. The capture would be from the iOS app to migrate your chats to Android, and Android would also have the option to migrate chats to Android.

The feature is currently under development and cannot be activated, so it is currently not available. As the months go by, it should appear in beta and later in the barn, so we’ll continue to pay attention.




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