"We are about to change the development of psoriasis," says a Spanish expert – Tel


A new anti-psoriasis treatment, which results in "50% of patients posting placards", will arrive in Argentina in 2020, said Spanish dermatologist Lluis Puig, who visited the country to discuss immunodermatology and said "we are close to changing development of the disease.

"Risankizumab and new molecules that are about to start soon will help to increase patients' expectations about the quality of their lives, thanks to excellent efficacy results in periodic administration tailored to everyday life," said Puig, director of the dermatology department of Santa Creu and Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona in a dialogue with Télém.

The expert emphasized that new therapies strive to "replace suppressive treatment that stops treatment when it stops, with medicines that can be abolished for a certain period of time and do not create barriers".

"Argentina is very up-to-date with the treatment of psoriasis, and we estimate that the last molecule will be available next year." We are close to changing the development of the disease, because patients who need to stop treatment due to problems are being treated. After about six months, there is still a 50% chance of skin bleaching, "explained Puig.


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