Saturday , September 18 2021

Venezuela rejects British sanctions against Alex Saab

The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela issued a statement expressing its firm rejection of the unilateral and illegal sanctions imposed by the UK government against Venezuelan diplomat Alex Sai.

This was announced by Foreign Minister Jorge Rodríguez in a message posted via his Twitter account.

The Venezuelan government argues that “the sanction for citizens who were intended to facilitate access to food for the Venezuelan people while circumventing the restrictions of the inhuman US blockade is a crime consistent with a failed strategy to harm Venezuelan institutionalism. “.

It condemns the “immorality of the British government when it has established itself as an alleged anti-corruption judge in the world, while at the same time acting as one of the main responsible for the theft of property of all Venezuelans.

“Damage to human lives and restrictions on the supply of the pandemic due to the seizure of Venezuelan resources in the United Kingdom must be investigated and punished,” the Venezuelan government said in a letter.

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