Saturday , February 27 2021

Two officials linked to criminals in El Tuy were caught

A pair of municipal police officers, Cristóbal Rojas (Charallave), were arrested this Friday at a crime investigation unit focused on investigating crimes against Cicpc people in Valles del Tuy, for alleged links to criminals in the area.

A police report revealed that officers identified as Dorebil Carolina Guzmán Medina (36) and Mariana Guzmán Medina (30) had been summoned to testify at the headquarters of the Cicpc homicide investigation axis, located in the El Cujial industrial zone in Santa Teresa del. Tuy, municipality of Independencia.

While at headquarters, investigations found that municipal officials who used their civil service as an envestidura confidentially informed entities nicknamed “Barrigón,” “Oreja,” and “Cachete” with their individualized cell phones. wanted in the region for various crimes.

The robbers and their gang are mentioned in file number K-21-0341-00011, which was initiated for crimes against people (triple murder – injuries) and against property (theft).

We must not forget that last Saturday, 9 January, at around 11.30 pm, a group of antisocial people killed ambassador Cicpc Danny Rafael Romero Mejías, municipal police officer Cristóbal Rojas, from an ambush carried out as part of the 8 urban development of Pueblo Nuevo in Ocumare del Tuy, municipality of Tomás Lander , Adrián Andrés Urea and Julio César Angarita (72), who was a resident of the place. In this case, a Polimiranda employee and a teenager were also injured.

The police report described in detail that two sisters had been seized by mobile phones after legal tests had been carried out and the relevant telephone analyzes had been completed. After analyzing their mobile phones, Cicpc found that the arrested citizens also informed criminal gangs that the security forces were actively looking for while mixed commissions patrolled the urban areas of Pueblo Nuevo, Ciudad Betania and other sectors of Tomás municipalities. Lander in Cristóbal Rojas.

Criminals are linked to countless murders, kidnappings, burglaries, robberies and thefts of people and vehicles.

Mobile phones (one brand ZTE BLADE A7s 2020 and another brand Hiunday model E553) and two Sim Cards, without an obvious serial number, owned by the police, are commissioned by the Ministry of Public Administration.

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