Turbulence in Vinotint after winning against Argentina


No one could have imagined that after the second victory in the whole history of Argentina and more than won, Vinotinto in the turbulence. And it happened.

When he defeated Albiceleste Lionel Messi 3-1 at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid, coach Rafael Dudamel gave his cargo to the Venezuelan Football Association (FVF).

Yaracuyano spoke of "cloudy waters": "Today, I think that continuity is visible. He talked with the Vice President (FVF) after the race and the position in my position, because I would know that in this time we live in very dark waters because we are very politicized.

Dudamel did not explain which of the three vice-presidents announced his desire. FVF has the first vice-president of Jesus Berardinelli, the second for Pedro Infante, who is also the minister of the people's power for youth and sport, and the third is Reinaldo Berardinelli, the brother of the first.

The coach's statement, which ran the Vinotinto 20 submarine to the second place in the world in 2017, came after shooting and sharing players and a representative with Antonio Ecarri, a representative in Spain, President of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó. as president, responsible for the Republic for more than 50 countries.

"Today (Friday) we experienced a very bitter experience that disappointed me very much. We paid a courtesy and respectful visit to Antonia Ecarria. As we served the ambassador of the Government of the Government (Nicolás) Maduro, today (Friday) we receive Ecarrie as Venezuela's choice of covering the whole country, and it is accepted with the same respect. But unfortunately, they politicized the visit, "explained the strategist.

It was obviously an agreement between the parties that the photographs were not published. "If there was a photo or a video, it was for internal consumption," said Dudamel.

Asked about his political situation, the national coach said: "Tomorrow, when we can talk outside the court, like Rafael Dudamel, they will know what my political position is, I do not need to hide. Today I am the technical director in the choice of the state."

Dudamel explained that he will send a "friendly" tomorrow's friendly day to Catalonia in Girona: "Now I will sit down and speak cold, again with the Vice-President (FVF). You already know what my position is. With my decision and position, we will discuss this talk with Vice President and President Laurel González, who will be responsible for making the decision. I will be in charge of the game Monday. "

The Venezuelan coach will have the offer of the Colombian club of Independiente de Santa Fe, a team of selected Luis Manuel Seijas, on the table, according to the sources of the New Granada journalists.

Until yesterday, members of the selection spoke about this. Roberto Rosales, who helped Salomón Rondón with the goal that opened the scoring against Argentina, commented via Instagram through the triumph: "I wish that he could get out of so much evil that we can enjoy our people, family and renewal. "A country where we always live in an environment like today".

Sports journalist Alex Candal announced FIFA's participation via social networks: "Given the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the politicization of Vinotint, which was accused by coach Rafael Dudamel, I think FIFA should intervene in favor of the coach" to protect his independence as a football worker ".Vinotinto, accused by coach Rafael Dudamel, I think that Fifa must intervene in the benefit of the coach to protect their independence as a football player. "


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