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Tips and tricks for the best deals on Amazon Prime Day video games


These days 15th and 16th July The Amazon Prime Day 2019, an event in which Amazon launches the largest number, is celebrating offers and discounts years. However, all rebates that appear in the store will only be for users Amazon Primein order to enjoy them, you need to sign up for a service (which includes free delivery and subscription to the service) Prime Video in Prime Music). In any case, if you are interested and you are not a customer, you can take advantage free trial period page. It takes 30 days, serves for this opportunity and is available on the next link.

To help you the best deals on video games In these days, we prepared a list of tips and tricks in MeriStation that we should follow. This will save you continuously alongside F5 and will serve you compare prices, follow your potential ups and downs and even the fastest to buy an item before it runs out.

Install the Amazon Assistant and your mobile application

For all those who spend these days on the computer, Amazon Assistant is an excellent option. This is a free supplement for your Internet browsers that informs you when the offer is published and when they change the price of the products you have consulted. It also offers quick access to various parts of Amazon and even allows you to compare different products. After the premiere day is over, it's as easy as turning it off.

The best alternative for Amazon Assistant for those who are not in front of your desk is Amazon Mobile application. If we launch a session in it and activate notifications, we will be informed about it flash offers which are published as price fluctuations that appear on our wish list. Just like the previous one when the event ends, you can delete the application from your phone if you want.

Video games Amazon Prime Day
This is an Amazon assistant.

How to check if we are facing the best deals?

They may not be advertising on television, but just like comparators of flights and hotels, they also exist digital offers. Best known for Amazon are CamelCamel and Monitorizo, but you can find many more options, such as Fluctuate, Keepa and PriceAlarm. They are very easy to use and it is enough to insert a link to the products that interest us in the search engine. When we do this, we can see the movement of its price In recent weeks, check the relevance of the discount, and observe the margins it is moving.

To compare Amazon price with the price of other pages (Game, Xtralife, Media Marktetc.) we recommend Ideal. All these sites offer more services outside the comparator, such as alerts and notifications that need to be notified if there are large numbers.

Video games Amazon Prime Day
These are all information provided by comparators, such as CamelCamel.

Wish list and Amazon Pay

The wish list focuses on games and consoles that are most interested in us and Avoid wasting money on compulsive purchases and discounts at the last minute. It also allows Amazon to know what to recommend and what kind of offers you have to let us know. In the event that something is exhausted or disconnected, the wish list will alert us when the stock is completed.

On the other hand, if we use Amazon Pay and save payment card information, we can get whatever we want faster than ever. Just a few clicks are enough, and games will be on the go (with free delivery). Speed ​​is not the only advantage of Amazon Pay, which also rewards users checking gifts and multiple prizes.

Flash offers tracking and social networks

Through this page, Amazon will report new offers on Prime Day, so it would not be bad if you let it in your favorite and occasionally consult. Amazon occasionally also makes calls flash offers, which, as its name suggests, expires in a matter of seconds due to its attractiveness. If you are interested in anyone with this tag, but you are undecided and the discount expires, do not worry. Often some people sign out, so remember Sign in to the waiting list flash offers that attract your attention.

Also, do not miss the opportunity to monitor all updates on Amazon Prime Day in Twitter accounts and experts at affordable and affordable prices, such as Aullichollos, Impossible in Games Offers, among many others.

Direct on Twitch, free games and benefits from Apex and Fifa

Amazon will find out streaming within 48 hours that the first day lasts. Some bids will be announced and one of the official Apex Legends tournaments will be held. Cup Twitch Prime Crown. This will include the best players in the Apex world and some of the celebrities to be revealed. Through the show we can also receive special prizes for the Apex and Ultimate Team packages for FIFA 19.

With the Amazon Prime subscription, we can also download four free games: Yooka-Laylee, Cultural simulator, Escapists in For the king.

Games and consoles to be considered these days

Here we leave some recommendations of the most granade, which gave only this year 2019:

Nintendo Switch Lite

Xbox One All digital access

PlayStation 4 + 2 controls

Memory Cards for Nintendo Switch

Resident Evil 2

Kingdom Hearts 3

Devil May Cry 5

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Super Mario Maker 2

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuel


Mortal Kombat 11

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