Thursday , July 29 2021

They discover how and when the Roman road will encounter the Andromeda galaxy

New data from the Gaia satellite from the European Space Agency helped scientists to estimate the date of the next race between our Roman road and the Andromeda galaxy.

According to the statement, the space device investigated two nearby galaxies – Trikotnik and Andromeda – in order to get to know the movement of stars in them and understand how one day a collision with the Roman road will occur, which will completely change "our cosmic neighborhood".

It was found that the Roman Road and the Andromeda Galaxy are still intended for collision and aggregation, but the surprise of researchers is the impact it will happen in 4500 million years, and not to 3.900, as was meant to be.

In addition, Gaia's new data is changing the idea of ​​what would be the conflict between the two galaxies. It is therefore expected that it will the Andromeda galaxy strikes the side of the Roman road instead of a frontal collision.

"This finding is key to our understanding of how galaxies develop and interact," said researcher Timo Prusti.

The study previously emphasized that our galaxy would collide with the one in the Great Magellanic Cloud even before the anticipated impact with the Andromeda Galaxy: in 2 billion years.

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