The songs of Malum are used to torture prisoners in Mexico


Mexico City, Mexico

Ringtones Maluma from discreet users of public transport they went to serve as a method of torture prisoners in Mexico.

Politik Gilberto Aguirre Garza (former director of public prosecutor in the state of Veracruz) has repeatedly tormented music Maluma and the Mexican regional group, has been condemned by his lawyer Jorge Reyes Peralta.

"10 uninterrupted days, without stopping for a minute with Reggaeton music, Malum and the band. psychological torture with this music on a large scale all the time, they set up horns outside their cells and although they had covered their ears with their pants, they could not even sleep, "said Reyes Peralta to Infobae.

The lawyer mentioned that songs were used for torture, such as Loan, from Malmo and the Mexican regions, which included topics such as Band Snake Males in El Sonidito de Hechizeros band.

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Accordingly, the method by which Gilberto Aguirre Garza appealed against other former Mexican officials was used.

In the end, the method of torture ended the thrill of her client who signed the documents to get rid of the torture of reggaeton and gang.

"psychological torture ended with her, performative effort was shown, what happened horribly," Reyes Peralta added.

Aguirre Garza brought an action through his lawyer demand before the state prosecutor's office against Veracruz Prison, governors and prosecutors.

A former civil servant has a criminal offense related to enforced disappearances.


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