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The man stabbed to death his pregnant cousin

April 17, 2019 07:53
Updated April 17, 2019 08:36

A 28-year-old pregnant woman stabbed her cousin, with whom she had a strong argument in Zulia. Panorama.

The victim, identified as Joselyn Arabel Hernández Díaz, aged 28 years, was pregnant for four months. The corps of scientific and criminal investigations found that Argenis Díaz Lujano, his cousin, aged 25, took his life.

Relatives of Arabel Hernández have said that a woman was involved in family disputes because she defended one of her sisters who was beaten by a partner.

Then his cousin, who defended the man, took Arabel Hernandez into the place in the house and stabbed him three times in the door; then he escaped.

Joselyn Arabel Hernández had two more children, an 11-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy.

With information from Panorama

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