The EU confirms that it will introduce sanctions against Iran, but will release eight countries


WASHINGTON – The United States, on Friday, has formally confirmed that it will re-establish any sanctions against Iran on Monday by 2015, but announced that eight countries could continue to import raw material, said Mike Pompeo.

The Ministry of Finance will ask Iran to step out of the Swift International Banking Division and announce it has brought 700 people and organizations to the black list of sanctions.

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The reinstatement of punitive measures against Tehran "is aimed at depriving the system of death and destruction income worldwide", said Pompeo.

"Our ultimate goal is to force Iran to permanently leave its documented illegal activities and behave like a normal country," he said.

Pompey did not name those countries that were exempt from the ban on the purchase of Iranian oil, but claimed that this exception was granted to countries that have pledged or started to buy oil from the Islamic Republic, whose economy depends to a large extent on income.

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"Maximum pressure means maximum pressure," said Pompeo.

The announcement comes six months after President Donald Trump broke the nuclear agreement with Iran and began reinstating the sanctions that Barack Obama's predecessor suspended or abolished.

The first set of criminal measures that was exchanged by the Iranian commitment signed in 2015 and the great power of Tehran for nuclear bombs was re-entered in August.

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The process of restoring sanctions ends on Monday with bans on oil trading, banking and other commercial transactions.


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