Saturday , July 24 2021

The dollar was low yesterday, but rose by 0.3% in the week – Finance – Business – The latest news from Uruguay and the world were updated

The interbank dollar fell slightly by 0.04% yesterday and on average by $ 32,572. But, in the week (when we compare the value yesterday with the previous Friday), the growth was 0.32%.

Thus, in February this year it increased by 0.29% and 0.56%.

Yesterday, the green ticket ranged from $ 32.56 to $ 32.58 to close to a minimum.

For the public in the Banco República tables (BROU), the US dollar fell by two hundred, both for purchase and for sale, and ended at $ 31.86 or $ 33.26.

Over 35 transactions worth $ 14.2 million were carried out yesterday via BEVs. During the week, $ 121.56 million was made.

The central bank (BCU) mediated on the day it bought $ 600,000, as in the past days (with the exception of Thursday) in order to maintain the rate at the desired level.

During the week, the monetary authority gained $ 57.1 million. This year, BCU's purchase amounted to USD 318 million.

In Brazil, which is the main reference market for foreign exchange, the dollar was traded with 3,7184 deals with a minimum loss of 0.02%. In the week it increased by 1.34%, but this year it is 4.06%.

In the opposite direction, the dollar rose by 0.8% in Argentina and ended at 37.85 Argentine pesos. In the week, it recorded an increase of 1.83%, while compared to the closing year of 2018, the growth was 0.4%.

At the international level, the dollar rose slightly in comparison with the six corresponding currencies on Friday, closing its best week in six months as operators searched for dollar security amid worries about the dollar. the weakening of the global economy.

In fact, yesterday the dollar index rose by 0.13%, while the weekly increase was 1.1%, the highest weekly increase since August 10, 2018, when it increased by 1.28%. The euro remained close to at least two weeks, and the level of support was $ 1.13.

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