The Court of IHR decides in favor of Linda Loaiza and instructs the State to repay it


Caracas.- The Inter-American Court of Human Rights found that the Venezuelan state did not protect Linda Loaiza López from unlawfully depriving of liberty, which facilitated her mutilation, repeatedly sexual rape, to capture those who constitute physical and psychological torture.

This information also claims that the state took the time to investigate the facts and the victim did not have access to justice under equality conditions.

"The Inter-American Court found that the State responsible for the acts of torture and sexual violence suffered by Linda Loaiza López Soto violated several provisions of the American Convention on Human Rights, the Inter-American Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Torture and the Inter-American Convention on the Prevention, Punishment and the eradication of violence against women. "

Therefore, IACHR instructs the Venezuelan State to replace Linda Loaiza and her family, in accordance with the judgment of 26 September 2018.

The victim was 18 years old when, in March 2001, she was kidnapped by Luis Carrera Almoina, who was kidnapped for four months, subject to various types of abuse.

According to the report, the state must replace Linda Loaiza with the following amounts: $ 45,000 for costs incurred as a result of consequential damage, $ 20,000 for loss of income and $ 80,000 for non-pecuniary damage.

In addition, the father, mother and sister Loaize will have to pay $ 30,000 to other brothers with $ 15,000.


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