Stellar Lumens (XLM) is the only one that does not return to XRP


Stellar XLM and Ripple XRP, a competitive duo for the time being, are undoubtedly included in a group of coins considered by many enthusiasts and traders as the most promising and very potential for future causes.

When it comes to price performance, it has become a tradition in recent months that they are the first to launch a restoration reason, XRP or starry, with great differences when it comes to the rate of increase in value compared to other currencies leaders

At the time of writing, the XLM / USD pair gained a value of 5.51% and reached the value of USD 0.2484, leading to the BTC market at 4.45%.

Both digital equipment are among the few that have overcome a weekly downward trend, which can indicate a positive day outcome or even a greater recovery during the week.

A stable locking chain linked to the Australian dollar (AUD) will start a new stability. It will retain its value in a similar way, how stable the traditional currency is used by the USD as a reference and is supported by a fiduciary currency. In this case, the new stable group Novatti will also support the Australian dollar (AUD).

Peter Cook, Managing Director of Novatti, explained his vision for a currency that goes beyond trading in the encryption market: "We believe that people will use them [stablecoins] to help with the purchase of goods from Australian companies. And we believe that you will also use them to pay bills or for services in Australia. "


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