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Son of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony created more than one reaction on social networks. The successor of the singers was the center of attention in the photography that the translator was "Medecine" in an approved profile Instagram.

"Love my family (you love my family)," the star wrote Hollywood in a diffusion that created more than 300 thousand "likes" and hundreds of comments of all kinds.

In the picture, you can see how Jennifer Lopez is laughing, capturing her daughter, who is surprised at the brother who made the gesture "wanting to hang". Alex Rodriguez.

Little Maximilian, like his sister Emma, ​​showed that together with his mother they fit well with sports commentator Alex Rodriguez. The former baseball player clearly stated that he was ready to get to the altar in the beast with his heirs.

Although the picture was not photographed with malice, social network users noticed the fact and believed that the actions of the son Marc Anthony Then Jennifer Lopez did not notice him.

Jennifer Lopez

"It's trying to make Alex Rodriguez sleeping", "How beautiful a family", "I think he can handle his hand and then get problems with his eyes", "Playing a rock, playing rogue", "Little Marc" revengeing his father, Max wants to kill his father, God bless your family "," Alex Rodriguez, Max loves you, as a son you did not have a perfectly beautiful picture ", there were some texts.

So much Alex Rodriguez like Jennifer Lopez have two children from different responsibilities. The sports commentator has two girls and JLo twins Maximilian and Emme, the product of love he had with salsero Marc Anthony.

An adult film actress accuses Alex Rodriguez of sending "hot" photos before the wedding

Adult film actress Zoe Gregory, Exconejita de "Playboy and the renowned industry have shown that Alex Rodriguez, a singer-songwriter and actress Jennifer LopezShe sends messages about sexual content and explicit photos in a month, from Christmas to the end of January. A month and a half before the athlete applied for a wedding with "Diva del Bronx".

Zoe Gregory He said he had proof of these messages. "If Jennifer Lopez wants to connect with me," she told Daily Mail, referring to alleged texts in which the former baseball player sent her erotic images and asked for hot videos from her. In addition, according to an adult film actor, Alex Rodriguez has always asked to personally meet or create sex three with some "funny friend".

Jennifer Lopez

A pornographic actress accuses Jennifer Lopez of sending her erotic images to her before her marriage

This is what former Playboy, Zoe Gregory said Alex Rodriguez Erotic images were sent weeks before Jennifer Lopez was committed.


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