Sixto Rein and Ilegales are joining their voices for the second time


Photo: Sixto Rein Press

(Caracas, November 16 – News24).- After success with the "Tapita Borre", in Venezuela and a good part of Latin America, Sixto Rein is once again a news item, this time, because he joined his talent Ilegalam on the topic of "happy". This is the second time a Venezuelan singer works with an important Dominican group.

Video: Sixto Rein

Last night, Original Boy released this song on all radio stations in Venezuela and their digital platforms. He wrote alone while the production was performed by Ungar Villamizar. "When I finished the promotional tour in the Dominican Republic, I met Vladimir (vocalist Ilegales), showed him the theme and he liked it a lot. Do not hesitate to take it," says Sixto.

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"Fortunate" is watching a video of a top-notch video run by Nael & Justin. This audiovisual material was recorded between Karak and Karakas Dominican Republic a few weeks ago. Of course, he promises to prove himself in channels devoted to music in Latin America.

"This is a motivational video, a gratitude to all the good things that give us life and show us another perspective, where nothing important is important, but the family, health and gratitude with God for the blessing given to us every day," commented the artist

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With this promotional, Sixto Rein continues with determined and powerful steps in internationalization. After visiting Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru, Original Boy does not stop as far as his album "OMG", so you will soon announce your next goal.

In addition, we must realize that the singer-songwriter has published two social issues, which undoubtedly became one of his favorite followers: the first, parallel, was the first, a video recorded in the popular Caracas area, also directed by Nael & Justin. The other was "Jamás", which also has audiovisual material.



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