Research explores the sexuality of adults


The The number of people with whom you have sex is an individual choice. But some of the lifestyle factors play a role in this numberaccording to a recent study by British researchers.

While previous surveys on sexual behavior and its potential risks have focused on adolescents and young adults, this is The study analyzed the determinants of the number of sexual partners in more than 7,000 men and women for 50 years and more.

Researchers have discovered some interesting links between sexual life of subjects and specific socio-demographic and behavioral factors, which they say could help identify doctors people at higher risk for sexually transmitted infections (SPO) t.

In order to better understand what these findings could mean, I asked some colleagues to analyze the data.

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"Men" problem

Men in this study reported more and more of the number of sexual partners in life than women. 40% of men reported having had at least five couples, compared with 24% of women. Similarly, gay is associated with several sex partners among men.

This is not surprising, according to sex therapist Dulcine Pythagoras. "Because our culture socializes men, regardless of their sexual orientation, to believe that they have to be more sexually active than others, they may feel that they have a sexual activity permit, or they may feel that they have to present this look"she explained.

Actually "This is a much more" male "problem than a" gay "problem", added a sexual therapist Kimberly Resnick Anderson.

"Men have ten times more testosterone than women (at all stages of life), for that homosexual men share a hormonal desire for sex, while heterosexual couples must deal with often different biological pulses. "

For men and especially for older men, it appears that the economic status also increases the total number of sexual partners. This was the case for men in the first 20% of revenues and for those in the lowest 20%.. Although this may seem strange, it may actually make sense.

"Richer men have less stress because of their everyday needs. There is more emotional space for pleasure and more time for it, as they may not work as much as a person with less financial means"Holly Richmond, a sex therapist, explained. "On the other hand, for men who have fewer money, sexual intercourse with several partners can distract attention from the social burden of lower incomes".

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A better body image, a bigger opportunity

Researchers also found some interesting features for women. For example, they found this white, bisexual, physically active, or without chronic diseases, it was more likely that a larger number of sexual partners would have.

The last three factors are not surprising: Regular exercise is probably transformed into a better body image and, consequently, greater self-confidence for seeking sex, and good health makes it easier to engage in sexual activity without any discomfort..

"You are healthier and more vital, you have more sex."said the sexual therapist Lawrence Siegel. Bisexuality can also be linked with greater trust, as well as greater opportunities for sexual partners.

What about a race?

"In recent decades, women who are recognized as white received messages about how they feel sexually free:"[La serie] Sex in the city is a great example of such an impact, "said psychotherapist Sara Nasserzadeh. "But women of other nationalities, mostly outside of North America and Western Europe, may not feel comfortable in expressing their desires or experiences with more partners.".

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Freedom of judgment

Some factors cover all genres. Both men and women who are younger, separated or separated, single or never married, were associated with a greater number of sexual partners.

"When considering factors such as the younger (for example, 51 years instead of 78 years) who are separated or separated, single or never married, this creates room for more selfish and selfish sexual behavior, rather than having to worry about the feelings of couples, children or increasing health problems that come with age, "explained Richmond. "These dimensions allow them to be alone in this and have less concern for perceiving other people about their behavior".

Also, some habits could affect the number of sexual partners.

The study showed that current or former smokers and alcohol were regularly or more frequently associated with a greater number of sexual partners in men and women..

"These can be people who tend to have more risk or seek more stimulation that they can use for their sexuality, as well as for the use of nicotine or alcohol," said Pythagoras. "In addition, people who drink alcohol sometimes have discord, which may also affect their sexual expression."

Regular drinkers can also host bars or other public spaces, which gives them more opportunities to connect.

Do not forget, though this study can only show the links between certain factors and sexual activity, but not the causes and consequences. These qualities will not determine your number of sexual partners, this is an option that you can only control.

Ian Kerner is an authorized marriage therapist, writer and author of sex for CNN.


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