Tuesday , January 26 2021

Rain of criticism against Vicente and Alejandro Fernández for receiving vaccine without queue

Prominent rancher music singer Vicente Fernández and his sons Alejandro and Gerard have been accused of receiving the vaccine outside of government protocol, which favors healthcare professionals.

He was a popular journalist and commentator on the show Juan José Origel, better known by his pseudonym Pepillo, who revealed in a YouTube video that Fernández and his children are “already vaccinated”.

“I found out who do you think has already been vaccinated? They don’t even know, no, no, no … They’ve already received the vaccination. Vicente Fernandez, ‘El Potrillo’ and even Gerardo, his brother, “he said.

“I’m watching where I’m moving the sky, the sea and the earth to vaccinate me. I don’t know if Cuquita should come [la esposa de Vicente Fernández] I also found out about these three, ”he added ironically.

corruption predominant, influence, There are people who have grown up like this and find it normal, vaccinations in the health sector are not over yet, and the poor who believe they are worth more because they have the money have already accessed it? for doctors and nurses … As always money talks… “, so there were some comments in the publication.

In his message, Origel also recognized the work and efforts of medical staff, which is at the forefront during the pandemic. “It’s good that nurses and doctors give them the vaccine first so they can keep working. What a job, my respect for doctors and nurses, what a miracle, the truth, God bless you,” he said.

S almost 1.5 million infections and more 130,000 deaths, Mexico is one of the Latin American countries hardest hit by the pandemic. It began vaccinating against COVID-19 on December 24 and became one of the first countries in Latin America to do so. The Mexican Ministry of Health reported that as of January 4, 43,960 health workers had received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

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