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Queen of the South 2: Flavio Medina and awards at the Zurva villa Teresa Mendoza | Mexican drug dealer Poster | Mexico | Photos and video | TV | Series


Queen of the South 2: Villa Lefty Flavio Medina | For Teresa Mendoza It's not new to wake up passion wherever I go, but Left villa it turned out to be a dangerous lover in the second seasonQueen in the south"

Kot Epifanio Vargas was kidnapped by his daughter, Teresa was forced to penetrate the Lion's poster to destroy him at the request of a retired drug dealer who was running for the Presidency of Mexico today. Only in this way could you recover your daughter, but Teresa was discovered.

At first, the operation worked well. She left her before the leftist. However, now that the truth has come to light, a dangerous reseller is banned. In fact, he already made the first step: he shot Oleg Yasikov, Teresa's faithful ally.

Knowing this, the actor Flavio Medina shared some secrets about Lefty, the character he plays in the second seasonQueen in the south", the end of which is scheduled for July 29.

"He has an absurd obsession to confuse him with love, that's so real to him, so the viewer likes him because the love he feels about her is so real that he believes in it, but he has no awareness that he is realistic. in fact, "Medina told El Universal de México in an interview.

"The wound will have to heal, but in a person like him, revenge is in the first place," he added.

Medina said that a character, like Lefty, is "complex" and "complicated" to walk in dark spaces, but despite the fact that he is a thief, it stimulates sympathy for the public, and this is, in his opinion, a series not of leftists he approaches only as a drug dealer, but also explores his intentions about why he acts in a certain way.

For the construction of Zurda, a Mexican actor relied on a Mexican black-and-white film kit in the country, a man with a mustache and a hat who sings with a mariachi to the woman he loves, in this case Terese Mendoza, although he acknowledged that this profile is "from my views are already outdated ".

What will happen to Zurdom in the last section of "La Reina del Sur"? While looking for revenge, Teresa is not a bad woman. You can also raise your weapon.

At the premiere of the second season »Queen in the south" Flavio Medina He told people of Español that he does not even look like Zurdo at all, except for love for singing and blind faith in love.

"(El Zurdo) has a very ugly and very dark part because he is the killer at the end, he has a bipolar part where he loses his nerve and explodes in seconds," said the actor.

"But there is another side where he can be innocent, the innocence associated with the nobility, because he is so powerful and does what he does, he has an innocent part, a song, a song for Teresa, has a love for it, and more he is waiting for him and finally comes into his life and is able to do everything he could to have him, "he added about his attitude to Teresa Mendoza.

Now, although there are some things to be solved, the leftist is a cruel crime, so that Medina expels all the negativity of the sign from her body "ends (ba) (scene) and hug (aba) to a partner who is lied ma … .re that I did something ugly to me, because it ultimately affects you.

About working with Kate del CastilloMedina said that "we were very well caught, we had chemistry, we had fun, we laughed a lot."

"In the end, the Zurich journey with Teresa Mendoza is love, love, of course, we were having fun as crazy, because I was singing, I composed songs, I asked funny things, I laughed, I had a wonderful time," he concluded.


Flavio Medina is a 41-year-old Mexican actor, recognized primarily for his antagonistic roles in the soap, such as "Amor bravío", "Quiero Amarte" and "I do not believe in men". In addition to "Queen of the South" 2, she was recently seen in "Reklus", "Silvija Pinal, in front of you" and in the movie "Girls Good".


"Queen of the South 2"is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 21:00 (Eastern time) to Telemundo in the United States.

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