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Peru encourages the use of condoms on the International Condom Day


A person concealed as a condom participates during the Los Condones Siempre de Moda event during the International Condom Day in Lima, Peru, on February 9, 2019. According to information from the local press on Saturday, HIV Testing during the event "Always Fashion Condoms" carried out by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), Peru, with the goal of raising public awareness on the use of condoms and preventing an increase in the number of people with HIV in the country (Xinhua / Luis Camacho)

LIMA, February 9 (Xinhua) – There are many risks, such as sexually transmitted diseases (SPOs) or unwanted pregnancies that can be prevented if proper use of condoms is created, and experts in Peru insist on its usefulness.

According to AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Peru, 99 percent of cases of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases were associated with a lack of condom use between 2013 and 2018.

That is why Saturday in Lima a festival was held in honor of the international day of the condom, in which 30 information stands were installed and diagnostic tests of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) were performed.

In this regard, AHF Director for the Andean region José Sebastián told Xinhui that this event also included some 20 Peruvian NGOs who made their views on the dissemination of information messages on prevention.

After announcing that the condom is currently a tool for the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections worldwide, he stressed that the goal of this type of activity is to reach the youngest.

The goal "is primarily to reach young people, therefore all proposed and preserved dynamics are to mobilize games around entertaining actions so that young people can access information about the condom," the expert said.

He stated that in the year 2018, around 170,000 tests were carried out in several cities in Peru, in which it was found that out of every 10 people "only three or four use condoms".

He argued that this could "increase if we improve knowledge about the topic of prevention".

"Many people think that condoms serve only to prevent pregnancy, and condoms are also used to prevent sexually transmitted infections," said Sebastián.

Currently, there are myths about the use of condoms, such as, for example, that in maintaining relationships you do not have the same feeling that an expert would exclude.

"There are condoms with many textures, including those that are very thin and we do not even feel them," he said.

Another element, called the "myth", is the tendency to believe that it has a micro pores cone and it can cross the virus.

"The condom can be inflated by the mouth and filled with air, the molecule of the air is much smaller than the molecule of the virus, then it should go through known pores, but there are a number of things that count, say, from mouth to mouth, and not necessarily true, "he said.

Sebastian added that about 100,000 condoms were distributed last year, but in his opinion, the most important thing is to learn what they are and how to use them properly.

According to the Ministry of Health, in Peru, transmission of HIV is mainly due to persons aged 15 to 24 due to lack of prevention.

In this Andean country, approximately 72,000 people are infected with HIV, of which about 16,000 do not know about their diagnosis.

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