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With more than three decades of his career Ricardo Montaner is one of the most successful Latin American artists. In the mid-1980s, she was followed by the work of Tan enamorados, followed by endless songs, such as Déjame llorar, La cima del cielo, Castillo azul and Bésame, which placed it as an indisputable reference to romantic music.

What the artist could not imagine would be the glory of God, one of the most important subjects that he made with his daughter Evaluna Montaner five years ago. The subject of the video clip is most played on the YouTube channel and has over 239 million views so far. This song and other similar commentary motivated Montaner's alleged decision to sing exclusively Christian music. In contacting the DUTY, the Argentine-Venezuelan clarifies that personal experience led him to God twenty-five years ago, but denies that he renounces the Christian world known in the world.

How was your career beginning?

As a teenager in Maracaibo (Venezuela), in a group in the church, I played drums at that time. Sometimes I go alone with my guitar to sing at a restaurant, but I always love music. For a day I missed the soloist and placed it in place. These were the beginnings. Then I played the doors until I picked up the record, and from there all the time.

Were you dreaming of becoming a recognized singer?

We all dream, some are fulfilled and others are not. Well, I met mine.

What do you like best about your concerts?

See people enjoy and leave the renewed.

What does it mean to sing with your daughter?

It's an inexplicable pride. God bless. Sometimes, when I see and hear, I was surprised that she grew so fast and enjoyed my talent. He is an excellent artist.

Everyone in your family is devoted to music!

My five children are musicians. Even my wife, Marlene, who does not play professionally, sings very well …

What led the Christianity?

My wife was a Christian because she was a little girl and helped me a lot. But I would say that 25 years ago in Uruguay was the most important moment when I gave my life to God while I was visiting a sick child in a hospital. She counted her classes and her parents asked me to pray for her. I never publicly prayed for a person's health, but I knew I was praying for what came out of my soul. And it seems that God has been listening to me because the child has lived for many years. This experience has crushed me. Since then I have been closer to God.

Will you leave the secular music?

This question was asked to think of singing in the Christian genre, but I did not pass on the Christian musical genre. My repertoire is the same as ever, I sing in the Romantic Folk Music genre, which is practically my whole career. That is why this is the subject I do not speak at the moment. My music has not changed. Love is still at the heart of my songs.

Are you still dancing on the stage like Vamos pa 'conga or Cachita?

I never left this thing, now I should not stop.

What inspired you earlier and what inspired you to create songs now?

in love

What do you think of your best song?

I do not know much about it, I think they all marked their moment and their story.

What are the future plans of Ricardo Montaner?

We are working on the release of the next album, which Returns to Slow Motion.

What do you like to do if you do not hike?

I will do my best to live with my family … together.

How do you see Venezuela?

As the whole world sees. I will go to talk about this topic.

What did you promise Bolivia fans to visit on November 8th at Real Santa Cruz?

That I give them the best to give them an unforgettable night of music and so fall in love again.

I never stopped dancing on stage, now I should not stop "

I see Venezuela as the whole world sees. I'm gonna get the conversation

this topic "



Héctor Eduardo Reglero Montaner (61) was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and grew up in Maracaibo (Venezuela). In addition to both nationalities is a third: Colombian.


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